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Probably so check ur vac lines behind your glove box and follow them through firewall they come out under your blower housing under hood. One of them is either broke or pulled loose. This has happened on both my Rangers, 96 and 97. If not I cant help you because that was as far as I had to go!

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โˆ™ 2008-08-12 01:45:30
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Q: 1995 ranger ac will not go into max would this be a vacuum actuator issue and is it easily replaced?
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Why does hot air still flow when you have replaced the door blend actuator?

most likely a vacuum leak or faulty control on the dash

Where is the vacuum switch located on the front axle of 1996 dodge ram?

The vacuum actuator is on the right side of the axle. The electrical switch is on the actuator. The vacuum switch is on the top of the transfer case.

Where is the front differential actuator on a 1998 blazer?

The vacuum actuator is either in the fender or under the battery. The actually diff actuator is on the back/bottom of the front diff. Mine (2000 blazer) is under the battery. It sucks to get to. If you check the actuator and it doesn't move at all, check the vacuum, if it's not getting vacuum, check the switch on the top driver's side of the transfer case. It sends vacuum to the actuator. It has three vacuum hoses coming off of it. It costs fifteen dollars at autozone and usually greatly improves the performance of the acuator.

How do you bypass the vacuum on the front actuator?

This sounds like a YJ jeep issue, I eliminated the vacuum actuator by installing a heavy duty choke style manual cable attached to the vacuum actuator arm, that way I can lock the front diff when I wanted. Make sure you cap off the vacuum line, otherwise your engine will run poorly.

Does a 1996 Chevy truck have a vacuum solenoid actuator?

No, it is electric

Where does the 4 wheel drive actuator vacuum hose run from that connects to the vacuum?

On a Dodge Ram, it runs from the intake manifold, to the switch on the transfer case, to the front axle shift actuator.

What is wrong with a 94 ford ranger jerking - replaced mass air flow sensor and throttle position sensor?

vacuum leak

Blazer will not go into 4 wheel drive?

What year is your blazer? Most common cause for it to not go into 4x4 is the vacuum actuator. The actuator is run by vacuum from the transfer case. The vacuum compresses the rubber diaphragm which pulls a cable on the front differential to lock it in. The rubber diaphragm is prone to break down and if there are holes or tears in the rubber it will only suck air and not have the amount of vacuum needed to pull the actuator cable. This actuator is commonly mounted under the battery tray. Easy to remove and inspect. 1998 blazer There is a vacuum switch on the transfer case that usually goes bad. I have replaced mine 3 times. Factory lasted until 225,000 miles and had to replace the aftermarket 2x since, one only lasted a year.

Where is the dodge ram 4x4 actuator located?

The actuator of the Dodge Ram 4x4 is located on the top of the front differential. Depending on the year, the actuator is either vacuum or manually operated.

Where is vacuum actuator 1998 Chevy Blazer?

Under your battery tray

How do you replace vacuum actuator on a 1984 Chevy blazer?

on the front axel

How do you set the idle on a dodge stratus 2.4?

Idle speed is not adjustable. If the speed is incorrect you have a computer, sensor, actuator, vacuum leak issue.Idle speed is not adjustable. If the speed is incorrect you have a computer, sensor, actuator, vacuum leak issue.

What replaced the vacuum tube?

The transistor replaced the vacuum tube, allowing radios to get much smaller and portable.

What is the function of the vacuum actuator on a 1979 Pontiac firebird?

It is part of the cruise control.

Why wont your jeep axles lock?

guessing that you have one fo the central axle disconnect systems. the transfer case vacuum switch, and the vacuum actuator on the axle are both prone to failures, but easilly replaced. there are numerous aftermarket kits to convert to a manual, cable operated system, adn remove the vacuum components entirely.

Why is your four wheel drive not working in your 1985 Toyota pickup?

Differentials were locked by vacuum pressure on a actuator on the front axle, if there is a problem with this actuator or with your vacuum system the front axle will not engage. You may want to remove the acy=tuator and clean it out, ot locate the vacuum leak in your system.

How do you test elec actuator?

If it's an actuator that works off an electrical circuit, apply electricity (the body of the device will be - or negative or ground if there is no - or negative or ground wire to the device)/ if it is a vacuum device, then you will need to apply vacuum to determine it it "actuates".

Is there a thermal vacuum valve on a 1999 Ford Ranger?

There is a heater control valve on the 1999 Ford Ranger. There is no thermal vacuum valve on this year of the vehicle.

Why is there transmission fluid in the actuator for the four wheel drive causing it to tear the rubber boot on a 95 blazer?

because your transfer case switch is letting it come through the vacuum line to your actuator needs to be replaced and lines cleaned out. but while your at it take the top plug out of the transfer case and see if a bunch of oil runs out as this can cause the vac line to fill up. if a bunch of oil comes out the seal between the trans and transfer case has gone south and needs to be replaced but if the oil level is fine in the tc change the tc switch change the actuator and clean out the vacuum lines and all should be good.

What technology replaced vacuum tubes in the second generation?

Vacuum tubes were first replaced by transistors, and later by integrated circuits.

What did the mechanic do wrong if the air conditioner in your 1998 Expedition only blows hot air after the heater core was replaced?

your blend door is vacuum operated, most likely your machanic forgot to hook up the vacuum hose to the blend door, the actuator is designed to operate on 5inch pounds of vacuum so you should not notice any engine performance problems.

Where is the 4WD vacuum switch located on the 2002 trailblazer?

There is no vacuum switch. There is an electric actuator on the front left of the front end assembly right in front of where the cv shaft goes into the differential case and an electric actuator on the rear right of the transfer case.

Why wont your 2001 Chevy Blazer kick into 4-wheel drive you can hear it switch over the but the light just blinks on the dash and wont lock in to any four wheel drive?

It will either be the vacuum solenoid (actuator) located under the battery tray or the electronic solenoid on the front differential. Most commonly it is the vacuum solenoid (actuator). Once you take the battery and battery tray out you will see the rubber bladder of the vacuum solenoid (actuator) if it is torn or busted replace it. Check the vacuum solenoid (actuator) located under the battery and battery tray. It could also be the vacuum solenoid located on the firewall above the distributor (approx. 3"x1")

Where is the vacuum switch for the fan in a 1996 Chevy Blazer?

The vacuum switch/actuator for the fan shutter is under the dash directly below the radio . IT is NOT easy to get to.

Where can one get parts for a 1990 Hoover Junior vacuum cleaner?

One can get parts for a 1990 Hoover junior vacuum cleaner at ransomspares or at espares. These places have many old spare parts for your old equipment and can get them replaced for you easily.