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you either have a vacuum leak or your brake booster might be going bad. That would cause you brake pedal to be stiff. As for it pulling when you brake and then braking fine after pumping it you might have a brake caliper sticking.

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What is a canoe paddle?

you paddle with it on a canoe!!

What do you paddle a canoe with?

A paddle, or an oar.

What is a paddle dryer?

It is something that dries your paddle.

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"I will paddle to the shore."~yourdeepestfantasy22

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paddle grass is the grass of the ocean.!

What is the singular possessive form of paddle wheel?

The possessive form of the singular noun paddle wheel is paddle wheel's.

What part of speech is paddle?

The word paddle can be either a noun or a verb. A paddle is an instrument that is used to move a boat. If using the device, we are said to paddle the boat. She grabbed the other paddle to help row the boat. [noun use] The two of them paddle the boat clear of the rocks. [verb use]

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paddle pop

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You paddle with an oar. If you are talking about paddle wheels, the wheel turns because of the bucket boards. The boards dip in the water and turn.

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There are two blades on a kayak paddle.

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Information on a Stiga Paddle can be found online at Stiga Table Tennis, Paddle Palace, and Wikipedia. Dicks Sporting Goods and Sports Authority will also have information on a stiga paddle.