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Be sure to check your main wire harness from the engine to to the interior of the car i had the same problem simply pushed the connectors together and everything started to work.

This is not an uncommon problem with these cars. I had the speedometer cut out intermittently on me, and at first suspected the speed sensor (the plastic gear on the transmission). Unlike the person below said, this gear can easily be removed from the top of the transmission, WITHOUT dropping the engine/trans. I know because I pulled the gear to check it.

Turns out that my problem was a few cracked solder joints on the back of the instrument panel circuit board. I removed the instrument cluster, disassembled it, and re-soldered a capacitor near the speedometer, as well as all of the pins where the wiring harnesses clip into the circuit board. I wrote up a DIY and posted it in the FAQ here, if you want to search for it:

sounds as though you cluster craped out as the tach and the speedo are controled by to separt things.

The last answer is incorrect as I have the same problem. But they will work every now and then (probably loose wire). When I get my Bentley manual I will find out which one and fix it, instead of giving half-###ed answers.

I had a similar problem with my GLX VRG, the VW Jetta GLX VR6 get's it's speed signal from a hall sender which is a means to change a mechnical sugnal from the transmission into an electronic signal that is read by the dash. I tried replacing the hall sender as it mounts on the transmission at the back of the engine. No Luck. Changed the instrument cluster. No Luck. It turned out to be a small gear in the transmission that rotated the hall sender. I had to replace this. The gear worth about $3 bucks and to get to it, was dropping the engine and removing the tranny at a cost of $700. Hope that your problem is the hall sender and not the gear.

Good luck!

The problem is your speedometer cluster. I had the same problem, and it had to be replaced. If it was just the sender, the tach and speedo would not be out at the same time.

I am going thru the same with my sons car we just bought. The first test is to see if you have power (12volts) to the two outside contacts of the 3 wire hall sensor on the transmission ( the sensor is very visible when you open the hood and look down at the transmission, being just below a 2 wire sensor, it is removed by popping off the wire bale). if you have 12 volts to the outside contacts with the ignition on (not the engine running) you would then reinstall the sensor and then connect (probe) the center wire with one lead of your multi meter and the other connected to the positive terminal (Yes, positive terminal) on your battery. now with that all hooked up, jack one wheel off the ground, turn ignition on and turn the wheel slowly. If the sensor is good, the voltage will change from approx 2 or 4 volts up to 12 volts and then back and forth as you rotate the tire. Now I am headed for the instrument cluster which is in my hand and awaiting a replacemnt. (was easy to remove cluster).

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Q: 1995 vw jetta glx vr6 your speedometer and tachometer stopped working at the same time how do you fix it?
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My speedometer and tachometer in my 97 Jetta GT stopped working I replaced the Speedo sensor in the transaxle and it still doesn't work. What can I do?

Replace the dash cluster that's what it sounds like to me since your tachometer and speedometer both don't work

Why would your speedometer and tachometer on a Jetta 1996 stop working occasionally?

you need a new onr they do this occasionally and then need to be replaced

Where is the tachometer on a 1992 jetta?

In the dash next to the speedometer? Is this a trick question?

Why does 1999 Jetta tachometer and speedometer work fine on initial start and continue to until stopped and restarted while still warm?

you need to replace the gauges

Have a 98 jetta gl and the speedometer stopped working today and the check engine light came on any advice is appreciated?

Check the speed sensor.

Why would your speedometer on a jetta 99 stop working occasionally?

its is you tachnometer that needs to be reseated or replaced.

Why would a 94 Jetta speedometer stop working when the tachometer still works?

The wires on the back of the gauge pod could have possibly come loose. Two of the screws that hold the gauge assembly in are hidden behind the air vents, they just pull out at a slight downward angle.

Speedometer only works sometimes on a 1997 jetta?

The speedometer needs to work in a vehicle for safety and informative reasons. The causes of it intermittently working could be the lack of electricity, or a problem with the sensor.Ê

Ac clutch not working on a 2000 VW jetta VR6?

If it has stopped working then you will need a new a/c compressor. Get out your wallet they will run you about $1200.

98 jetta glx all gauges stopped working correctly except odometer what is wrong?

buy a new car

Where is the fuse box on the 98 jetta your CD changer stopped working and you hope its just a fuse?

Fuse box on 98 Jetta is located under steering wheel above pedals.

Why would the speedometer tachometer gas gauge temperature gauge and odometer suddenly stop working on a 98 Jetta?

YOU HAVE A BAD INSTRUMENT CLUSTER, i OWN AND OPERATE A REPAIR FACILITY THAT SERVICES A LOT OF VW`S AND THIS IS AN INHERENT TRAIT. Answer2: I have a 1997 Jetta TD. The cluster went down also. For me I had to resolder each pin out of the 20 or 24 pin connector on the Electronic board of the cluster. Hope it can help.

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