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That doesn't seem to be a question.


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The recommended spark plug gap for a 1996 Harley Davidson 883 Sportster is .040. That is the most common gap for most Harley Davidson engines.

This is straight from the owners manual - 3 quarts - including filter

It's not a direct bolt-on no, but it can be made to fit. The brackets for the rubbermount (2004 and up) sportsters are very different than previous years. ANSWER: Also, why would you want to?

Hi I would like to know how weight and oil in front fork?

Yes it will. All seats are same fitment 1982 - 2003 model years.

There are no fuses on your 1996 FatBoy. You have circuit breakers which will reset.

How do you troble shoot a Regulator on a 1993 harley fatboy?

1996 harley springer sofrtail I have found the relay and 4 breaker under seat, however cant find fuses.

What is the oil capcity for a 1996 Harley Davidson FLH Electra Glide Classic

20w50 Harley Davidson motor oil If you can't get H-D brand oil, you could use any brand 20w50. Stay away from synthetics. I stuck with H-D 20w50. Good luck!

The engine uses three quarts of oil, and the Primary/Transmission uses one quart of Sport-Trans.

It's a 1996 FXST dyna wide glide customized by "Black Death Motorcycle's."

about 3 and one half years.....but only on a sonny Day......i mean what the yell.... it's only a fgarting gas trunk.....

There are, indeed, grants focussing on single parents. You can find out more about them at

how much is a 1996 harley softail worth

Phillip Davidson died on 1996-02-07.

on the right side of the bike just below the frame there should be a black rubber hose with a plug in the end of it. remove the plug and drain the oil from there.

It's in the big square box located under the seat. The bolts are on the shifter side of the bike usually under some cosmetic push on caps.

flasher on 1996 Harley roadking

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