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I believe that a diagnostic check on your vehicle will indicate that the security module (black box) is failing in some way. I experienced the same with my 95 and as it got quickly worse the car would die unexpectedly as well. Since I live in a small town and feel very safe I rarely lock the Jeep and so have no real need for the security features. I unplugged the module and the problem was immediately and completely solved. On my 95 the module was under the dash and is about 3 inches square and black plastic and clearly marked with the name "security module". It simply unplugs. Unlike other modules that plug in here and there in these vehicles, nothing else is affected by unplugging it and no dash lights light up as a result. It would be free to get a flashlight to see under the dash and try it as all you have to do is plug it back in if that doesnt solve the problem.
The dealer can read your system for a nominal fee and point you in the correct direction also.
I know you can purchase replacement boxes but they are expensive and I'm also sure that you could find one of them at a junkyard for far less cash. I wouldve pursued this myself but my dog ate the clicker and its $90.00 just to get a new one.
Good luck to you !!!

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