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1996 Pontiac Sunfire Horn doesn't work can hear relay click and Rear Hazards don't work but turn signals do Why?

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Your turn signals and hazards use separate flashers. Your hazard flasher might have bitten the dust. FriPilot

sounds like the horn/horns arent working. also sounds like the hazard switch is inop

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How do you check transmission fluid on a 2002 Pontiac Sunfire?

it doesnt have adip stick it has a bolt in the side of trans better take to dealer

Your signal light on your 1998 dodge durango has a buzz and sometimes doesnt come on what may the problem be?

Probably the Electronic Flasher. These ,when the fail,will allow the Signals and/or hazard lights to work intermittently. The flasher is the same for both the signals and hazards.

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Why doesnt your turn signals work on your 84 dodge d100 pickup?

Most common cause of the turn signals not flashing is a defective flasher relay. Replace it.

How do you change the cabin filter in a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am?

it doesnt have one, read your manual

What does an error message mean on a Pontiac Grand Am CD player?

It means the cd player doesnt work.

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you should check out the oxygen sensor.I had a problem like that with a Pontiac myself.

Why doesnt the blower blow on a 97 Pontiac gtp theres heat but not enough?

Try checking your thermostat. It is probably stuck open.

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I have a 2000 Pontiac sunfire if you try to accelerate it doesnt it sounds as if muffler has a whole and like it has water in it sounds like a gurgle is this the cataylic converter?

Yes, that is possible. The cat may be broken up in pieces inside and restricting the exhaust. When the exhaust has cooled off, slide under the vehicle (raise it up some if necessary) and thump the cat with your fist, if you hear something rattle inside replace the cat.

Your fuel gauge doesnt work on your 99 Pontiac sunfire?

Chances are you need a new fuel level sending unit. This is located on the fuel pump assembly inside the gas tank. Replacement requires removing the gas tank from the car and replacing the whole fuel pump/sending unit assembly as a whole. These are usually available from your local auto parts store, but they are not cheap. Usually around $300

How do you check the transmission fluid of a 2001 Pontiac sunfire 2.2l 4 door How much does it need anyways?

about 2.5-3 quarts. and there should be a stick a little bit ways in the engine. oh yeah...put the fliud in the dip stick hole... trust me. 2001 sunfire doesnt have a dipstick, it has a red fill cap on top of the transmission and a drain plug on the side of the transmission. Check the fluid while the engine is running, take out drain plug on SIDE of trans, fast drip means it has to much fluid, slow drip its correct, and no drip means its low.

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it doesnt have a distributor cap. it has a coil pack AND...the coil packs are located under the cover on top of the engine.

What size hose fitting is used to add freon in a 95 Pontiac Grand Am GT?

You ask your car. If he doesnt answer, try again. Ask anything! We seriously answer your questions!

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it;s called a rally k circuit expensive part and you have to remove the dash to get to it when i had mine estimated it ran about 500.00 but that was 8 years ago

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Unplug your positive cable for 2 minutes , then re-connect.