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1996 lebaron convertible and it has the 3.0 in it and there is a sound coming from the left side and water pouring out the right bottom of the motor what do you think it is?


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It could be a water pump.


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The fluid could be leaking from the pump, hoses, or steering rack. Wash the steering system, then you can see where the leak is coming from.

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Hi, assuming your Lebaron has the 3.0 engine, the pcv valve is located right behind the valve cover that faces you looking at the engine. It's toward the right side. It's threaded into the block and there will be a black tube coming out of it. Very easy to remove and replace. rtalk7

I have the same problem in my 96 Z28 convertible. I tried replacing shocks & suspension bushes, but the squeaking remains. I think it's the soft top itself.

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