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The problem is most likely the lamp or lamps in the third brake light in the liftgate. This was the case in my 1994 Grand Cherokee limited.

You have to use the exact bulbs that are called for. the information center will not "see" bulbs that are the wrong wattage


Note, i don't believe the license plate bulbs are tied into the VIC sensor light. Its most likely from a faulty connection with the design of the high mount stop light. It will intermitantly loose its connection regardless if the bulbs are all working correctl, as i have seen in my 96 grand Cherokee Laredo. I havent tried to repair this because im not sure if the problem is with the rear lamp housing or somewhere else in the wiring system... possibly the VIC connector or conrtoll bord.

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Q: 1997 Grand Cherokee Why is the 'rear lamp failure' message on display still on after replacing faulty license plate bulbs?
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