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short answer: No. It's not timing. Long answer: If it were timing, the entire engine would be out of sync. The timing controls the aspects of the engine, specifically the piston/valve/ignition(spark). In this case let's assume that the pistons are your lungs, and the valves act as your mouth. If the timing were off (as drastically as you indicate) it would be like trying to breath with your mouth and nose closed.( ie. your car wouldn't run at all, never start in fact.) try to locate the source of the "ticking" sound.... could be somthing stuck to your belt, could be a sticky lifter (the part that moves your valves). could be that you ran the car low on oil in the recent past, and are noticing some wear in your connecting rods... lots of reasons. First be more specific about the location of the sound, and does it change aspects (louder, softer, deeper, lighter) when revving the engine, or when the car is in gear.

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How do unsized pullleys make a car go?

By turning accessories at slower rpm's you gain HP.

What happens when a deep water wave strikes the bottom of the ocean?

waves get slower and higher then they break

What are the controls on an aircraft wing?

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Left wheels slower on a left turn. Right slower on a right turn.

Does the shape of the object determines how fast it sinks in water?

Yes. The more area at the bottom, the slower it sinks.

Does salt water cause food coloring to sink slower than it will with tap water?

Yes, Salt water will cause food coloring to sink to the bottom slower than it will in pure water.

If a ski has scratches in the bottom why would that ski go slower than a regular ski?

Because it can not track the snow aswell Because of drag and resistance on the snow. it depends on how large the scratch is? if it is relatively deep then it could affect the skiing. If it is not that deep it will go only marginally slower to not slower at all.

Why is the speed of a wave slower in shallow water?

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Why does salt water cause food coloring to sink to the bottom slower than it does in pure water?

The density of salt water is higher.

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the crystals will settle to the bottom of the beaker and slower diffuse into the water

How much more can you grow if you are turning to seventeen this year And how?

Most people continue growing until they are about 19 although the rate and amount is much slower than around puberty

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Slower than what?

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Slower than what?

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Andante is slower.

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slower = langsamer

Will a starter slowly go bad or is it instant Motor started turning over slower and slower over a couple of days and I don't know if its the starter or battery?

yes that's exactly what happens, the starter can get slower and slower over a couple days and then it won't start at all. you won't be able to "jump start" battery either. starter must be replaced..if u can find a used or rebuilt one, they're jst as good. new starter approx. $90-$130. used around $40

Is sound faster or slower than light?


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No a sloth is slower

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yes they do get slower as you get older

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A turtle is slower then a ant

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Slower is an adjective.Slow is the positive degree.Slower is the comparative degree.Slowest is the superlative degree.

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No, it is not true that slower moving animals have slower metabolic rates. Infact , animals with small bodies have higher metabolic rate.

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the granulated solids travel slower than powdered due to granulated have grains and it take time for it to travel through a funnel and it could get clumped up at the bottom of the funnel .As powdered it passes through not clumps

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A tortoise is slower than a turtle.