1997 Grand am There is a ticking sound when it is Idle I looked under the hood at the belts and it seems that when Idle the pully at the bottom is turning much slower than the top ones is it timing?

short answer: No. It's not timing. Long answer: If it were timing, the entire engine would be out of sync. The timing controls the aspects of the engine, specifically the piston/valve/ignition(spark). In this case let's assume that the pistons are your lungs, and the valves act as your mouth. If the timing were off (as drastically as you indicate) it would be like trying to breath with your mouth and nose closed.( ie. your car wouldn't run at all, never start in fact.) try to locate the source of the "ticking" sound.... could be somthing stuck to your belt, could be a sticky lifter (the part that moves your valves). could be that you ran the car low on oil in the recent past, and are noticing some wear in your connecting rods... lots of reasons. First be more specific about the location of the sound, and does it change aspects (louder, softer, deeper, lighter) when revving the engine, or when the car is in gear.