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Check for a malfunctioning idle air control valve or a throttle position sensor, both are located on the throttle body.

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Q: 1997 LeSabre stalls at low rpm and when slowing down -- almost like idle set too low -- unpredictable but always when not accelerating?
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Does the hood from a 97 park avenue fit a 97 lesabre?

No, The body style changed for both the lesabre and the park ave both years but while the Park Avenue's design was more bulky, the LeSabre was almost the same as before.. up until 2000 then the Lesabre's styling caught up with the Park Avenue. The Park Avenue and Lesabre were discontinued in 2005 The LaCrosse and Lucerne took their place pretty much.. My opinion is the 91-96 Park Ave/92-96 LeSabre looked the best ...and the front ends were interchangeable.

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Where is the PCV on a 1998 lesabre?

On almost every engine it is in the side of the valve cover. It is a 2 to 3 inch long plastic part that has a 3/8ths hose that connects to the intake manifold.

Why would 1993 Ford Ranger V6 3.0 chug when accelerating and idles up and down when sitting to the point of almost dying?

A good chance its the Idle Control Valve

Where is the fuel pump on a 1990 Buick LeSabre located and how do you change it?

In the fuel tank. Drop the tank. Hopefully its almost empty or else its really heavy. You will see the pump module on top of the tank.

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Does anyone have a serpentine diagram for a 1998 buick lesabre?

Gates rubber has diagrams for almost all cars. Check here

Attach rear view mirror 1999 LeSabre?

Remove the 'button' from the mirror stalk and glue it to the window with 'Loctite Auto Mirror Adhesive'. It will stick almost instantly and you can attach the mirror to it in about 5 minutes.

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How do I replace the fuel pump on a 1996 Buick Lesabre?

I'm almost positive it is a electric fuel pump and the gas tank will have to come off to have access of the top of the tank to unscrew the pump assembly from the top of the tank.

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If your 1994 Buick LeSabre starts fine but will shut off after a matter of minutes or while just driving what is wrong?

Could be a bad fuel pump Electric or gas. Fuel Filter could B ALMOST completely clogged.

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Check your air filter

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Where is the throttle position sensor on 94 buick lesabre?

If its in the same location as my 96 Bonneville, It would be on the throttle body :) Almost Right below the ECM and above you're Thermostat, If you now how to rev you're car from under the hood by pulling the cable, its connected to that. :)

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How do you replace an alternator on a 94 buick lesabre how do you get the alternator off the belt is in the way how do you losen the belt to get the alternator off?

Check out which has online repair manuals. The manual (which is almost a copy of chilton's manual) says to rotate the tensioner and pull off the belt before removing the alternator.

Where is the idle air control valve on a 92 buick lesabre?

The idle air controller is almost always located on the throttle body. You can find the throttle body by following the throttle cable to where it connects to the engine. There are some(very few) vehicles that have the IAC motor elsewhere on the intake manifold though.