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It is obvious you have a leak and the engine is overheating. If you do not see coolant on the pavement or an apparent leak anywhere, that is a bad sign. Smell the exhaust and if it smells sweet or you see white smoke at the tailpipe, you have a blown head gasket. Do not ignore this as it can cause serious engine damage. Check the oil level and if over full or milky looking, you for sure have serious problems. Another sign is bubbles coming from the radiator with the cap off cold engine just after startup and running. Have this looked into ASAP before you ruin this engine.

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Check coolant level?

To check the coolant level of a vehicle first see look for the overflow reservoir. There should be a coolant dipstick with a level gauge on it. Remove it from the reservoir to see the coolant level.

Why aren't the driving lights working on 1998 Chevy Lumina?

check the fuse's first. then check the lamps [bulbs].....

01 cadillac low coolant light comes on how do you fix this?

Check your coolant first, if it's not low then replace coolant level sensor

What causes Coolant indicator light to come on when you first start your car?

Check to coolant level in the coolant recovery tank and radiator when engine is cold

98 lumina won't start?

When a vehicle won't start check the battery first. If it is not the battery check the gas. IF it is neither of those it is best to call a mechanic.

93 Chevy pickup and the heater just blows cold air?

check the coolant level first, low coolant will cause no heat, always check all fuses just in case

Why would the heater on your 1988 mercury topaz not give you warm air unless it has been running for 30 minutes?

First and foremost, check your coolant levels. If you have insufficient coolant, you'll get heat but only after a long time. It could be a heater core problem, or a plugged line but low coolant is a common cause. First and foremost, check your coolant levels. If you have insufficient coolant, you may still get heat but only after a long time. It could be a heater core problem, or a plugged line but low coolant is a common cause. There should be a coolant reservoir under the hood, it will have some markings on it indicating hot and cold coolant levels. If that is empty that is a good indicator that you may have low coolant.

Why does a 1997 ford explorer Eddie Bauer heater fan sometimes blow hot air and sometimes only cold air?

if its winter first check coolant lenvel and check coolant system for leaks. then check thermostat

What is the fix foran obd2 code po128 on 2004 BMW 745?

First check your coolant level,then change your "ect" engine coolant temp sensor.If that fails change your therostat and coolant.

What should you do if a 1995 Chevy Lumina is overheating?

First, stop driving it. Next determine why it is overheating. Check the radiator cap, and replace if necessary. Check the cooling fan and water pump for proper operation. If they are both good, then do a complete cooling system service. Drain the coolant, and flush the system with the heater control on hot. Replace the thermostat and install a 60/40 mix of the proper coolant and distilled water. This will allow for the water left in the system and give you a 50/50 mix. Bleed all air out of the system, and clean the exterior of the radiator fins.

What would be the first easy fix to warm air from ac?

check all A/C electrical connections, like the connector at the compressor.. make sure the compressor is trying to engage, should be an audible click when switched on, check fuses, also check pressure switch on coolant line.. it has a electrical connector on it also, and if coolant is low it will not let the compressor engage.

Why don't the brake lights and blinker lights work on a 97 Chevrolet Lumina?

First check the fuse, or you may have a burnt out bulb

Why would a 1996 buick regal stall after heat stop working?

Make sure you have engine coolant. If the engine isn't getting enough coolant, it will overheat, stall and possibly destroy the engine. One symptom is that no coolant is circulated into the heater. Also check the crank sensor, but check coolant first...then the crank sensor.

Why is my Pontiac 1994 trans sport over heating?

first check your coolant level. then check to see if you have a leak, then check to see if you cooling fans are coming on then check if your thermostat is working.

What would cause an 1989 Firebird to overheat?

A lot of things could be causing that. First did you check your coolant?

Why does my car heater only work when the rpms are high?

The first thing that you need to check will be the coolant level..................

Why is my car over heating?

it can be many stuff but in your place i would check first the coolant level and the thermostat

Why is there no heat or AC in 1998 Chevy Lumina?

Blower motor probably took a poo, first things first, check the fuses, both in the cab, and dist. Center underhood

What do you do if your Frontera Engine overheats when in traffic and coolant runs out?

You should look under your vehicle while its running. If you haven't noticed a puddle of coolant on the drive way, you may have a bad head/gasket. Does the car smoke? If it does, your head gasket is gone. Check your engine oil. If it looks like muddy water on the dipstick, you've got coolant mixed with the engine oil. If you see coolant on the ground, you may have a bad water pump. First, check your radiator hoses. Remember to check the hoses going into the heater core as well.

My car temperature gage goes up to max and the reservoir coolant would be boiling and all the coolant would fall to the groundcan you please tell me what is going on with my car thank you?

first thing to check would be the thermostat in the engine. next check the radiator cap. also check that radiator hoses are good, and not soft.if they are soft they can colapse when hot, stopping the coolant from circulating check to see if there is coolant in the oil that would indicate a blown head gasket.

Where would you put the coolant in a 1995 Chevy blazer?

If your radiator is completely full of coolant (check first), then on the passenger side there is a white box with a black cap that sits right behind the battery. That is your coolant reservoir. Any additional coolant would be filled into that reservoir. Also you should know what coolant your vehicle has running in it. GM uses their own special coolant known as DEXCOOL which is a long life coolant. Mixing DEXCOOL with any other coolant reduces it's life and cooling effeciency. So be sure to match what coolant you already have and you'll be alright.

What is the repair for an obd 2 code P0125 for a 2002 Ford F150?

Could be low coolant level, faulty thermostat, or faulty temperature sensor. Check coolant first.

What answer should you choose for the yellow heart event with Rock in Harvest Moon Cute?

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What is the first thing you should check if your printer stops printing?

You should check the paper supply first, then the toner supply.

Why does a 1994 dodge spirit turn off while driving and it gets hot?

WOW. If you have to ask this, you should not be allowed to drive.Either you have little or no oil, low on engine coolant, or possibly have a cracked radiator. Seriously, if the engine is getting FIRST THING TO CHECK IS THE COOLANT LEVEL!!!