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My limited knowledge tells me it may be the soleniod(sp?) or alternator. When my 87 Sable had that prob my friend get underneath the hood and 1)I turned the key in the ignition and held it engaged. 2)He tapped the alternator w/ a hammer. This allowed the clicking sound to happen. If I recall correctly, the clicking sound while knocking the alt meant the alt was bad. If no clicking happens when knocking the alt then the soleniod is bad. The soleniod is a lot easier to replace so hope it's that. I accept no responsibility if something breaks or this only makes the prob worse :)

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2000 Malibu steering clicking noise?

if clicking is in turns than a front axle needs replaced. if turning right it is your left axle-- turning left it is your right axle!! the clicking is the cv joint in axle.

What causes a clicking sound when turning right in your truck?

the clicking sound is the blinker. when you signal to turn with your blinker the light flashes and makes a clicking sound.

What are the symptoms of a CV joint going bad?

clicking when turning.

No sound at all turning ignition key?

It is a clicking sound

What is the turning radius of a Mercury Villager?

The turning radius of a Mercury Villager may depend on the year in which it was made. The turning radius is 38.7 feet for vehicles made during the 1993-1998 period.

Clicking sound when turning key?

A clicking sound when you turn the key could mean your battery is dead. It could also indicate the starter is going out.

Why does your 2000 chev blazer make a clicking noise as if you were turning?

When the battery does not have enough voltage to turn the starter over it will sometimes make a clicking noise.

What are the symptoms of bad CV axle?

When turning left or right, you will hear a clicking noise.

Clicking noise on my 1997 Chevrolet k1500 z 71?

cv axels if it does it when you are turning

Clicking noise when turning 2002 Xterra?

all of them do it theres just a bolt on each of the two front wheels that touch when turning all the way

Car will not start clicking when turning the key?

Dead battery or dirty/loose battery connection.

Starter is clicking while turning engine over slowly?

Maybe some shims will help.

Why is your 14 kt bracelet sg turning silver?

Has it been exposed to mercury. Mercury will bind to gold and you have to have a jeweler fix it.

What would indicate that cv joints need replacing?

The first thing you usually notice is a clicking while turning. After a while, you will hear it all the time and louder when turning.

Will a bad axlecause subaru car to shimmy?


What causes clicking noise when turning 1996 Toyota Camry?

CV Joints are the most common cause.

Why would car still just be clicking and not turning over at all after I just replaced the battery?

Do you have gas?

What has the author Sid Fourie written?

Sid Fourie has written: 'Jansenville yesterday and today' 'Turning back the pages'

Your car makes a clicking sound on the front end as you turn right or left?

press the turning signal idiot

When turning key on 98 Chrysler LXi the starting motor wont crank But why is the electrical system clicking like a Christmas tree?

The battery is almost dead if the relays are clicking off and on really fast.

How do you know when a guy is jealous?

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Why do I hear a clicking noise when turning the key in the ignition then on the 3rd try the car does start?

The clicking noise you can hear is the starter solenoid clicking into place. If the starter motor does not turn the engine immediately, it is probably the best place to look. it sounds like the starter motor is faulty.

Noise when turning right 1992 Honda prelude?

what kind of noise do u hear. clicking, poping, or skweek etc.

What noise does a bad axle make?

A bad cv joint/axle shaft on the front will make a clicking noise when turning.

Why does my Steering wheel make a clicking noise when i turn it to the right when turning right?

The drive shaft may need to be tightened

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