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If the fuse keeps blowing it has to be a short or the fuel pump dragging causing a large current demand. It can be shorted anywhere from the fuse box to and including the fuel pump internally. Try disconnecting the fuel pump and see if the fuse blows if so run a new wire (fused) to the pump, see if it blows. Start at one end of an electrical problem (Fuse) and go the the other end (Pump), then go to the middle if you have the right wire you can cut it in half and see if the fuse blows. You can get a self resetting fuse. If it gets impossible you can short the fuse connectors (wire or a large amp fuse) and look for smoke, it'll happen, but I would disconnect the fuel pump first.

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Q: 1997 Nissan truuck already left you stranded It keeps blowing fuses for fuel pump about 10 seconds after it starts could it be a short?
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This Question answered already

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