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Q: 1997 Sautrn SL won't start even after changing the starter still making the loud clicking sound what else could it be?
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Car is only making a clicking noise Chrysler?

If the Chrysler is only making a clicking noise and will not start, check the starter. Also check the alternator, and the battery. The starter solenoid is more than likely the reason the car is clicking and not starting.

Why does your focus make a clicking sound when the key is turned but the enginedoesnt turn over?

Bad Battery: the clicking is the starter solenoid relay making contact but the battery is not putting out enough amps to turn the starter

1995 buick lesabre making a clicking noise but wont start?

Check battery, cables and starter.

What should I do if my 1999 Mazda Protege keeps making a clicking noise?

If a 1999 Mazda Protege keeps making clicking noises, you might have a bad alternator or starter. You could also have a bad ignition or solenoid.

What does it mean when your car is making a clicking sound but will not start?

it is most likely the starter, the starter will range from $100-200 at autozone, or oriely, i just replaced the starter in my 99 sunfire for the same reason.

Why my1991 ford vic won't start with new battery and starter making clicking noise?

starter relay , up of the battery , open ignition on , place car on park and jump it.

Why is your cavalier making a clicking sound win you start your car?

All the answers are true. But if you still have problems, check that the connections are tight at the starter and starter solenoid or relay. if this still doesn't help , then you most likely need a new starter solenoid or new starter.

Key making clicking noise and wont start?

Could be, a dead battery, dirty/loose battery connections, starter failure, charging system failure,

Truck not starting just making clicking sounds. the starter has been changed but it still wont start what could the problem be?

Dead or weak battery? Loose or corroded battery cables? Defective starter solenoid?

My 2003 Jeep Wrangler is making clicking noises when i turn what is it?

If your vehicle is making this noise, it is most likely a faulty starter. You should first make sure you battery is not dead before getting it serviced.

Why is your 1993 Altima Nissan making a clicking noise but does not start?

Why is your 1993 Altima Nissan making a clicking noise but does not start?

2001 ford f150 front brakes making clicking noise after changing pads and rotors. what could be wrong?

Anti-rattle clips not installed properly

Why is your 1990 mercury topaz making a loud clicking noise when you try to start it And not starting?

Check for a weak or dead battery Check for loose or corroded battery cables Could be a seized engine Could be a bad starter or bad starter solenoid

Your Tacoma starts after clicking and the battery and starter are good so are the cables?

That usually means your cables are loose and aren't making good contact. The clicking is the arcing of the spark. Tighten your battery cable ends completely and make sure they can't spin on the posts at all.

Why wont my 2004 Honda Accord 2.2L start?

Well first check and see if the lights will turn on. If not you probably have a dead battery. If it is making a weird clicking sound it is probably the starter.

WHY 110 cc ATV made in china Daymak model starter not engaging. solenoid is clicking. fully charged battery. no responce from starter?

Check to see if power is getting to the starter. If it is not check the solenoid contacts in it may be burned and not letting the power threw . If power is making it to the starter it maybe your brushes are in need of replacement or (dirt in starter ,broken magnets ,bearings or burnt wires).

2005 ford focus the car is making a clicking noise and the lights are flashing but the car will not start?

you need to make sure battery is fully charged, and battery cables are tight and clean the clicking sound indicates poor connections,flat battery or a bad starter motor

What is that bug making a clicking noise in your trees?


When I try to start car it wont start electrical items work but no clicking sound It is just makes no sound why does this happen?

Make sure battery cables are tight and cleanCheck wiring at starter motorCheck wiring at starter solenoidCheck neutral safety or clutch switchRap starter with a hammer to see if brushes are not making contact

Why would a 1996 Cadillac DeVille just not start if the lights radio and dashboard go on but engine won't start-it makes a clicking noise but won't crank?

Starter solenoid is not making contact to turn starter motor. Replace starter or solenoid(which is on the starter) !st try the battery posts. look and see if tight and clean... same thing happened to me i tightened it ,and the caddy started right up

1999 Dodge Neon and it won't start just clicks when you turn the key already replaced the starter what do you think could be the problem?

If you have already replaced the battery, then you have a few other things to look at.It could be the starter itselfit could be the starter solenoid which might be integrated with the starter or mounted somewhere in the engine compartment. You can find it by tracing the thick positive wire (red - about the size of a finger) to where it goes. If it goes directly to the starter then the solenoid is integrated and more difficult to testIt could be the positive wire itself and is not making a good connection to the battery or starter/starter solenoidIt could also be the ground wire (Black - about the size of a finger). If this wire is not making a good connection from the battery to the engine block, it will keep the starter from workingI would start with the wires, making sure you have a good connection and then work your way to the starter. The clicking is usually a result of the starter not getting enough current to crank the engine.

Why is your BCM making a clicking noise?

A bad resistor can cause your BCM to make a clicking sound. The clicking noise can be caused by the relays and replacing the BCM will fix the problem.

How can you close a dialogue box without making changes to the open document?

You can close a dialog box without making changes to it by clicking the Cancel button or by clicking the Close button. (D.)

What happens when a 92 caravan wont start but makes a clicking noise repeatedly though it will start with a jump?

If the 1992 Dodge Caravan won't start but makes a clicking noise, it is probably a combination of things. The starter solenoid is making the battery go dead between starts. Replace both and the problem should be solved.

Why will the starter motor not start a Toyota Celica?

It depends if the starter is turning the engine over and its not starting the problem is not with the starter its with your ignition or fuel system most likely, If your start is making a whirring sound then its not making contact with the flywheel and you probably need a new starter