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someone answered: If there is no sound, then why did you say the radio is fully fuctional???????????? the reality is though, that if a speaker wire is shorted the radio will appear to function in every respect BUT no sound will emit from any speakers. It happened to me too, with an '87 Camry, NEW radio, all the speakers checked-out, massive frustration... SOLUTION:

wiring guides call for joining the "green" wire on the Toyota to the grey wire on the new radio... what they DON'T tell you is there are TWO green wires. we hooked up the "greenEST" wire by using the dark green... ...Use the LIGHT GREEN wire for the right front speaker (+) and that just might solve your problem, it worked for us!

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โˆ™ 2008-02-06 15:36:08
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Q: 1997 Toyota Camry The radio is fully functioning; however there is no sound Is there a specific speaker fuse and where is it located?
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