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1997 accord you turn on your headlights and your windshield wipers comes on?


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You have a problem with your multifunction switch, probably the only way to fix it is to replace the switch.

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Thats a cleaner/ lubricant. In combination with the windshield wipers it will clean the windshield and make it clear

Have you tried filling the wash fluid reservoir?

In my opinion, Silblade makes very good windshield wipers. They seem to last longer than most other brands of windshield wipers, based on my experience. I've used this brand in all the cars I own when it comes time to replace the wipers. They are actually very durable and last a while. Another alternative is the Trico NeoForm Beam Blade. Absolutely love them. See sources and related links below.

Need to check the pump in the bottom of the reservoir, It's stopped up or just not working.

The Honda Civic Type R is a well equipped car. It comes standard with many advanced features including stability control, six airbags, leather interior, headlights that turn on and off automatically, interior climate control, folding mirrors, stability control and rain-sensing windshield wipers.

Lift cap on the end of the windshield wiper arm where it connects to the wiper motor assembly. Under the cap you will see a nut. Remove the nut with a 15mm socket. Wiggle the wiper arm back and forth until it comes off.

There's a wire in the windshield where the wipers rest that heats up like a rear window defroster. It comes on automaticly when the outside temp drops below 40deg.

it means that your going to fast to stop when something comes into the view of your headlights.

the fluid for the rear wiper comes from the same reservoir as the front windshield wipers. it is located in the engine compartment by the fuse box. the rear windshield wiper will run out of fluid before the front wiper though, so just make sure the reservoir is full

No, the 2009 Murano comes stock with halogen headlights. However, you can buy after-market Xeon headlights for the Murano.

There is a switch inside the wiper motor that identifies the home spot for the wipers. If you have intermittent wipers there is also a controller for that. Either can give you problems but more likely the wiper motor switch. The wiper motor switch usually is not a separate part (comes with wiper motor assy.) Oh yeah, 1 other thing, be sure the wiper arms are installed correctly on wiper motor.

Its your gamble. There are various reasons engineers engineer the wiper system the way it comes from the factory. If you want to stick with factory - see sources and related links below.

Its the sensor for the panic type alarm the car comes equipped also senses the windshield wiper speed if it's on a delay setting and you're driving and it starts raining heavier the wipers will automatically adjust faster.

When the windshield wiper on a 2000 Ford Ranger comes on by itself this can signal a damaged windshield wiper switch. Changing these switches out often corrects this problem.

At night a driver should dim his headlights when an oncoming motor vehicle comes within 1,000 feet. You should switch your headlights from full beam to dipped beam when a oncoming car passes. It is unsafe to leave your headlights on full beam as it blinds the driver of the oncoming car.

The windshield washer button on the wiper lever is sticking (just barely). It probably looks fine. Also it will take 30 seconds or so for the wipers to stop once you get it unstuck. I am search for new button and return spring as we speak.

no because a 1991 accord comes whith a ignition coil inside of the distributor end 1993 the ignition coil is outside end the holes dont line up

Auto-supply stores usually sell replacement wiper-inserts. To replace them you must first get the wipers to stop in the UPWARD position. To do this, turn on the windshield-wipers. Then turn off the ignition (WITHOUT first turning off the wipers). Repeat this until the wipers are in an accessible position. Then look at the wipers closely. You will see (at one end) a locking tab that sticks out. With a pair of pliers, unlock that tab and pull the insert all the way out of the wiper arm. To install the new insert, reverse the procedure. -- I have found that it is easier to just replace the bow-type part of the wiper-arm (which comes complete with a new insert). These usually are universal-fit and come complete with instructions.

The 1999 Honda accord comes 4 lug and 4 cylinder or 5 lug and 6 cylinder.

The "park" signal on the wiper motor is off. The wipers should stay off their cradles about an inch or so. If the ignition key is turned off during an intermittent wipe, the blades may stay at some position on the windshield. They'll return as soon as the next cycle comes up after the ignition is turned on. If they do not behave this way, you likely have a bad wiper motor assembly, which has the control circuit that parks the blades.

The Honda Accord 2007 comes standard with many features, including A/C, power locks, power windows and CD player. It also comes with some standard safety features, such as airbags and ABS brakes.

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