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1997 buick lesabre limited - HVAC blower intermittently runs so is this a relay problem and where can I get a diagram?

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2005-07-06 21:28:19

The relays for the blower are under the hood, near the top of

the firewall on the passengers side. You will need to remove the

plastic "fuse cover" to access them below the fuses. Replace them

one at a time to see if this fixes the problem. If the blower is

running intermetantly, then you may find you have to replace the

blower motor (I needed to do this on my car $45). In order to do

this you'll have to remove a bracket and several other lines in

front of the blower motor to get enough clearance. If it works only

at certain fan speeds then also check the blower resister located

under the relays.

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