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1997 dash board lights are all out and fuses are fine?

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Assuming the bulbs are good, the dash illumination light brightness control switch is turned off or broken.

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What could be wrong with the dash board lights if it is not the fuses?

check your wiring for your lights under the dash or a bad ground

Why are your dash board lights and interior lights not working on your 93 Ford Taurus?

check your fuses

Dash board lights dont work on a 2000 ford contour?

If all the dash lights are out then there is two causes for this. The first is all the fuses have blown the other is the relay for the dashboard lights has went out.

1992 maxima park dash board and tail lights dont work?

Start with new fuses...

Why dont Dash lights and tail lights not working grand am?

The most common reason that your dash lights and taillights are not working on your Pontiac Grand Am is blown fuses. Replace the fuses.

Do ur tail lights go out when ur dash board lights go out?

Yes, your tail lights will go out when your dash board lights go out.

Why my parking lights and dash board lights do not work?

If you have multiple lights that do not work it's probably caused by an electrical problem such as one or more fuses blown or a faulty connection somewhere.

2002 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer dash board lights?

Need to know what about the dash board lights.

What could be the reason for dash board lights and tail lights not working on a 1989 Mercury Sable even after the fuses have been replaced?

Is there a penny stuck in the lighter port?

How do you get the lights on the dash to work?

check your fuses according to your fuse panel If you have no dash lights, you probably have no tail lights - same fuse.

If your parking lights and dash lights are out and it is not the fuses what could be wrong?

The Headlight switch is where the dash receives it's power from.

1993 e 150 no running lights no dash lights?

Check the fuses.

Why do I have no dash lights in my 1997 Malibu I have tried fuses dimmer switch and still nothing?

Have you checked the dimmer? I have a 2000 and there is a wheel to dim the dash lights to the left of the steering wheel, just above the cup holder.

How do you change the dash board lights on a 1995 Mercury Tracer?

How do you change dash board lights on a 1995 Mercury Tracer.

Where are the light bulbs located for the dash board in a 1997 Camry 1997?

Right behind dash board

1991 Chevy truck no tail or dash lights?

I have a 1991 Chevy surburan and it has no tail lights and no dash lights, all fuses are good

When you turn your lights in your Nissan sunny wagon on you have no side lights no dash board lights or any back lights except your brake lights main beam and high beam ar ok but you might have a blow?

check your fuses

How do you replace dash lights on 99 Honda accord?

replacing dash board lights

Where are the fuses located for the radio the dash board lights and the cigarette lighter in a 2001 Bonneville?

Fuse panel. Open your owner's manual and read it.

Electrical problem on 1997 dodge SST Dash lights and rear tail lights not working All fuses good Anyone out there have any suggestions?

try a test light on both sides of the fuse, tail and dash lights are on the same circuit

Why dash lights wont come on while all other lights warning lights and all fuses were good?

Probably the dash fuse is blown, or the dimmer switch for the dash lights is bad!

Where is the Dash board lights fuse of Ford Mondeo 2001?

Where is the Dash board lights fuse of ford mondeo 2002 lx

Why is it that the lights on the left side of your car and your dash lights quit?

you probably need to change your fuses you probably need to change your fuses

What causes parking lights dash lights and tail lights not to work on a 1994 Buick skylark?


When you turn on your lights at night in your 98 Sunfire you do not have any tail lights or dash lights WHY?

check your fuses?

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