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1997 s-10 blazer headlights flickering and you can here a relay in glove box clicking?


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just had same problem on 96 replaced head light switch in dash not had problem since wiggled switch first flickering matche wiggle


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97-98 Chevy blazer/S10 headlights on/offI had the same problem on my 1997 s-10 blazer. Check the daytime running light modual under the dash,center,behind accessory outlets(cig.lighter).

its under the glove department. and if its like my blazer under the little shelf like thing under the glove department.

The ECM on a 1992 S10 Blazer is located below the glove box.

if there is not a key hole you cannot lock it.

If this clicking only happens when your turn indicator or hazard lights is on it's the flasher unit working. If not it's the stuff in the glove box rolling around probably.

I believe it is in your glove compartment there is an access to your flasher.

I have a 1997 Chevy Blazer 4DR and the relay is located underneath the glove box.

Either in the glove box, under the glove box or on the passenger side of the firewall (the first relay on the left if facing the engine).

I believe it is in your glove compartment there is an access to your flasher.

it is in the back of the glove box there is a plastic door that comes out behind there

AnswerThe ECM is usually located under the glove box.

Remove you glove box. It should be behind it.

by the finders and also in the glove box it will have a sticker look 4 the zr2 on it

Behind the passenger side kick panel or behind the glove compartment.

There's a relay access in the back of the glove compartment.. it'll be one of them.

If some of the lights work on the car and some are just clicking, there may be a short in some of the electrical wiring. There may also be a problem with the electrical relays, fuses, or actual bulbs.

Don't know for sure but was told it's behind the glove compartment.

Take the inside of the glove box out and look in and down to the right and you will see it. It has 10000 wires going to it.

Pry the knob off and remove threaded lock ring for 79 blazer as well all 79 Chevy truck without locking latch.

In the 95 to 98 S10, the relays in back of the glove compartment are, left to right, fuel pump relay, horn relay and fog lamp relay (if equipped).

Yes.......but you need to make sure it has the same gear code. You can check this in the glove box. The code starts with a G (example-GU6)

either in the underhood fuse panel of in the back of the glove box fuse panel

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