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Diagnosis: Engine Won't Start or Run

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from what i understand nothing happens to it, it just is recycled into a different form such as a battery powering a light power is taken from the battery and changed into light

When you take the battery out nothing really happens. I tried it myself and it did nothing.

Nothing. The battery is sealed an no harm will be done.

you either overlooked a hot lead that needs to be reconnected at the battery, or you grounded a hot wire and blew a fuse or fusible link wire


If you mean like AA or AAA, nothing. Absolutely nothing happens. If they both have an electrical current running, I don't know, it might be dangerous.

Nothing at all. Increasing the cranking amps will not harm anything. The starter will only draw the amps it needs.

well i have a viper 5000 and i changed the battery and nothing changed im not sure about other viper alarms though

If your battery is dead,,,nothing should be flashing. There is no voltage to anything.

You can not. I just did that about 5 min ago and nothing changed.

Sounds like a dead battery. Possible the battery cables just need to be cleaned and tightened. Try turning on the head lights. If they don't come on, your battery is definitely dead. If they do, try cleaning and tightening the battery cables.

Nothing, you will just have a little less battery

Nothing. It just won't turn on. Your battery is probaly dead.

Nothing. All the battery voltage is across the open switch, and no current flows.

how do you know the battery is charged? also it could be a loose battery wire. they need to be properly thighten so the energy could flow. if there are no lights theres no power coming from the battery.

If you suck on a battery, nothing will happen, but you will be sucking in bacteria. If you swallow one (which is unlikely to happen to anyone) then you'd probably die.

Nothing. I don't think anything happens. But good job if you had!

dead battery or try taking the battery terminals off and cleaning the terminals and battery cables with a wire brush and rehook.

Nothing, as long as they're both the same voltage. The 18 Ah battery has just slightly more power. It will work perfectly.

Assuming it's pure 24 kt gold, nothing.

Nothing. An auto battery system is 12V DC. If both terminals aren't in the loop (positive through the current path and back to negative) nothing happens.

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