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1998 Explorer Sport All 3 brake lights went out at the same time They worked a couple days later and then havent worked since Also you need a fuse box diagram?

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2015-07-15 21:26:52
2015-07-15 21:26:52

I have the same problem and Im pretty sure it is the brake light/pedal switch underneath the dash connected to the brake pedal. I have not figured out how to fix it yet, but try pushing the switch up and down and your brakes should come on.

For the fuse diagram if you dont have your owners manual you can go here The fuse diagrams are on pages 138-143.

I had the same problem with my '97. All my fuses were fine, I replaced the brake light switch (attached underneath the brake pedal), and that didn't fix it. Turns out that there were some corroded wires causing the malfunction. As for the high-mount brake light, that is like a $600.00 job from the dealer since it is a pointlessly complex fix. Therefore I am leaving the problem alone for now.

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The dash lights on an Explorer are used to light the warning symbols and to illuminate the speedometer, gas gauge, and RPM gauge. These lights are controlled by fuses.

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