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1998 Grand Cherokee heater fan does not work If I hit the dash board it turns on?

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Fuse, blower motor resistor pack, blower motor, and blower motor switch, in that order.

Failure of the blower motor connector on this model is common. Check for pictures and an explanation of the problem. Sometimes you can get temporary operation by jiggling the wiring connector.

You also need to check for the source of the problem. It is also common for the re-circ door to break, blocking air into the fan and causing it to overheat, stressing the wiring. Check the HeaterTreater re-circ listing for diagnostic information and pictures.

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Why is there a squeaking noise when you make right turns in your 98 grand Cherokee?

Could be one of your belts.

What is the firing order for a 1996 jeep grand Cherokee?

6 cylinder is 153624. the distributer turns clockwise 8 cylinder is 18436572 the distributer turns clockwise

How do I fix 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee graphic display module?

how do i fix my 1998 jeep grand Cherokee when the wheel turns right it locks up and I cant turn it back. If I put it in reverse it will unlock and I can drive again.

Why does the 2003 jeep grand Cherokee radiator fan stay on and never turns off after engine stopped?

Check fan relay

What does a neutral safety switch do 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

It only allows starting in park and neutral and it turns on the reverse lights.

Isuzu trooper seat heater switch?

IT turns the heater on and off!

How do I remove the fan clutch on a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

It takes a special wrench and it turns to the left to tighten and the right to loosen. You may be able to rent the wrench from Autozone.

How can you check to see if the heater blower is bad on a 1999 grand prix?

You can test your heater blower motor by connecting a ground wire to the ground. Connect a power wire, from the battery to the positive post. If the blower motor turns it is working, and if it does not it is bad.

Why would a heater turn on and off on its own?

You set a heater to a certain temperature and when it reaches that it turns off.

How do you remove the fan clutch on a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee V8?

A special wrench is required to fit it and it is right handed threads. It turns the opposite direction to take off and install as normally.

My Pontiac grand am 1994 it turns off when it gets hot. How can i fix this problem?

my grand am it turns off when it gets hot how can i fix problem

What is the typical Repair Cost of relay switch that turns fan off on Jeep Grand Cherokee 2001?

Considering that the whole front clip has to come off to do it, maybe $300 or so give or take about 50%.

Where is high beams switch on 1999 grand Cherokee?

I dont know about the '99, but on my '95 the high beams are activated by pulling the turn indicator lever towards the driver. Pushing it forward turns them off again.

How do you silence the horn chirp when unlocking a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo I have found if you press the unlock button on your remote 4 or 5 times it turns it off.?

i have a 93 and i unplugged the maroon box under the steering colum

Is there a low oil pressure switch on a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

There is no manual low pressure switch but there is a low pressure switch that turns on the oil light and shuts off the fuel pump to prevent the engine from running with no oil pressure.

2003 Pontiac grand am turns over and wont start?

security lock out had same problem with our 2004 grand am

Would the body control module be affected if you were washing your 1994 jeep grand Cherokee and had the hood open and the engine got wet cause my door locks and my control panal don't work now?

Check the fuse box located behind the battery. I washed my gf's 93 grand Cherokee once and soon after, it started smoking and the locks and instrument panel wouldn't work, turns out that it was that fuse box and the wires were all burning.

1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD - Heater blower is intermittant Blower will come on when operating temp is reached and then turns off and on as it pleases Blower motor is okay as will not lose power wh?

The 99 GC has problems with the electric connector to the fan motor. This is a high current interface and will sometimes "melt" over time. You can inspect the connector under the passenger side dash. Pictures and repair suggestions are available on

What could cause a 1988 Jeep Cherokee air conditioner and heater to quit?

under the dash pass. side look at heater you will see a plug with several wires that look like thy go into the heater there is a one screw plastic cover over this area so your feet dont hit it remove then uplug the wires then take the 2 screws out of oval shaped sensor and pull it out of heater you will see some transister on the back side and a little coil . replacing this will cure it usually . but first remove your heater blower and make sure it turns freely and not seizing.

What causes my 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo to shut off when making left turns?

my '97 had a short in the fuel pump in the tank. It would hiccup when I took a left turn. Had to drop the tank and replace the pump. Well, the goodyear dealer did it.

Which way does the bolt turn on a 2005 jeep Cherokee oil pan?

It turns counter clockwise to loosen.

How do you open the radiator drain on a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Questions with 'Facing your Grand Cherokee Laredo, the pitcock is on the bottom right of the radiator. You should be able to reach around the bottom valance (with the engine cool) and feel the pitcock. It is a small plastic valve and should have a 8" tube (which is too short in my opinion) attached. The valve should turn 3/4 of a turn. If it only turns 1/4 turn you may have to apply slight force.

01 Impala - Heater Fan stops blowing on right turns and occasionally will not immediately come on for a minute or two upon starting up although no problem on left turns?

Only Take Left Turns

How does the grand canyon erode or evolve over time?

it turns into a old man

What does service 4 wheel drive mean on a Grand Cherokee?

The drivetrain control module turns the service four wheel drive light on when it detects a malfunction and sets a code.

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