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it is irreversible i think ?IncorrectOnce it defrosts it is again the same liquid.

It should be in the fuse panel with all of the rest of the fuses.

A change in velocity is acceleration, so a accelerometer

· Unilateral coercive measures - measures taken by one State to compel a change in the policy of another State

You don't. One measures length, the other measures area.

Acceleration measures the change in speed

Elasticity of demand measures how consumers react to a change in price, while elasticity of supply measures how firms will react to change in price

1C in 1.8 times as large a change.

rate of change of velocity with respect to time.

A change in the position of an object is called a displacement. Velocity is the measure of the rate of change of displacement with respect to time.

The pH measures the level of acidity or alkalinity. Of course they change the pH!

Triple Evils, The Beloved Community and Nonviolent Social Change were the three groups formed in order to continue King's non-violent measures to achieve social change.

It is not possible to answer the question because average change requires two measures of the same thing. There are no such measures in the question.

The temperature of a substance does not change before the Phase change is complete.

It measures responsiveness of a dependent variable to change in an independent variable.

It is a vector which measures the rate of change in the displacement of a body in a given direction.

Miles measures distance. Square miles measures area. Therefore, you can not compare the two. It is like comparing feet and cups.

RIA measures scintillation due to decay of radioactive tracer. ELISA measures a color change due to an enzyme tracer.

A speed graph measures the distance devided over time. Acceleration graph measures the change in speed over time.

Well It depends. If you change it after the teacher has taken it but before she marked it, that is cheating. But on the other hand if you change it before the teacher collects it, it is not cheating.

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) basically measures inflation. The CPI takes a basket of goods and sees how much each of those goods costs. A change in the price of this basket of goods produces a change in the CPI. The CPI is representative of the prices of all goods in the economy for the United States and measures the changes in these prices over time.

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