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I have a 1999 E430 and I get idiot lights coming on randomly, too. I got one a while back that said the rear tail lights were out after I washed the car. I waited a while and it hasn't come back on since. There were no lights of any kind out. The oil sensor defective light came on today while we were travelling through Arkansas. It was a clear day -- no rain anywhere. I will tell you one thing that might have something to do with it. In my case, I found that you can check the oil level using the computer if you: turn your ignition key to the second ON position. This is the position that causes all of the dash warning lights to come on so you can see if any of the bulbs are burned out. Leave it in this position -- do not start the car. After about 5-10 seconds, it asks if you want to check the oil level. Push the "0" (zero) button on the dash twice. I did this while the engine was still warm twice and the computer said that the engine was overfilled with oil. Apparently you need to wait like 6 minutes before testing. I did not wait. I suspect what happened is the computer "sensed" that the engine was overfilled with oil a certain number of times because I didn't wait for the hot oil to get back into the pan before testing. Then other times the sensor told the computer everything was cool and the computer "decided" that the oil sensor is defective. I haven't gotten that one again, but I've learned not to leave the key in the second ON position (prior to starting the car) for more than a second or two unless the car has been sitting for at least six minutes. Otherwise that damn oil sensor light comes on again. Could your situation have something to do with the rain itself? I don't know, but I also wonder if you don't operate the car slightly differently when it's raining. Maybe you fiddle with the wiper blades or the A/C longer while the key is in the second ON position and this is just long enough for it to test the oil sensor and "conclude" that it's defective. These Mercedes are very finicky and I must admit that it is unusual driving a car that gives messages that may or may not be valid. On the other hand, it has never left me stranded and it purrs like a kitt.en when driving thousands and thousands of miles. Hope this helps.

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How do you replace a Engine control module on a 1994 Plymouth Voyager?

Are you 100% sure that the computer is defective? Have you checked the fuses and the ECM relay. Computors seldom go bad. I had a wire harness problem - battery acid dripped into the harness causing some of the circuits to short - appeared to be a computer problem. Check for proper output voltages from computer ports with electrical disconnected. the load from a defective component can make the computer look bad.

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Check for defective coils and spark plug wires. While replacing the coils BE sure that you replace the coil harness

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Fuses blow because of excessive current or excessive heat. The most likely cause is either a defective fuel pump or a pinched or damaged wiring harness causing a short circuit. It is also possible that one of the controls in the fuel pump circuit is defective. Not too likely, but it is also possible that the fuse terminals are corroded, causing heat to build up at the fuse, blowing it. There are too many possible causes to adequately describe them here. You need to go through the diagnostic procedure step by step to isolate the problem. If you don't know how to do this, then you need to engage the services of a competent mechanic.

What would cause car gauges to shake?

COmputer, loose battery, defective battery/volt amps or loose wiring harness/ wires grounding out somewhere

How expensive to fix a Subaru forester transmission?

I was told at a dealership it would cost me about $3000 (Subaru Forester 2000). Cannot be more exact because when I started pushing for more precise explanation it happened to become a defective wire in the harness, not the transmisssion...

Could there be a problem with the wiring harness to the fuel pump on a 94 astro van if engine dies when warm and no fwithuel to the injectors?

Yes, or the fuel pump could be defective.

What are some causes for burn out of wiring harness?

Some vehicles may have load drawing solenoids that become defective causing overload on the current carrying wire causing it to over heat and burn. Another cause is bad connections on terminals. Some wires carry heavy loads of current, therefore, causing a hot spot at that bad connection causing the wire to over heat and burn. Still other causes could be bad alternators, heater blower motors, radiator cooling fans, etc... All these are load drawing components and should be looked after.

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Subaru legacy wipers have stopped working?

The wipers of a Subaru Legacy will stop working if the fuse has blown or the motor is defective. The wiring harness may also become corroded or loose.

What is the fix for an odb2 code P0452 Chevy S 10?

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Can you fix an automatic shoulder harness is stuck in driving position on your 1988 Toyota Camry?

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If speedometer is pulsing and causing auto transmission shifting problems on 1995 f250 powerstroke how do I find Problem in wiring harness I've changed speed sensor checked connections at trans also?

Check wiring all along the harness. If the tranny is shifting up or down suddenly and for no reason there could be a short in the harness. 90's ford had a problem with this. May need a new harness or have to make one up yourself.

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Inferior wiring and connectors can impact performance, but cost doesn't always translate to quality. You may find that the harness is inexpensive because of overstock, etc. Any replacement wiring harness should have the same color wiring as the original factory harness.

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