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1998 Tahoe won't start It seems like the fuses under the hood aren't hot and don't get juice Fuse wire link is hot?

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a blown fuse link is a bad fuse link... check all the electrical basics...gounds, etc...then diagnose the ignition/charging up on all the things to check in a manual... everyone should have a manual for their vehicle, and the library should have a professional shop manual available in the REFERENCE section...make copies of the right sections...good luck :)

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What would cause 2000 Tahoe Gas light comes on with 8 gal left in tank and engine seems to be out of gas?

I would check all fuses, then work my way back. Sounds like a fuel filter or fuel pump to me.

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Only way of knowing that is to get it scanned for codes. Most parts stores will do it for free.

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How do you fix cruise control on 1996 Tahoe that disengages by itself while driving and seems to occur on bumpy roads?

Check the valve located above the brake pedal. It needs to be readjusted.

1998 Chevy Tahoe is shaking and it seems as though the muffler is having a hard time letting out the air whats wrong with the car?

I would suspect a plugged up catalytic converter

The fuse panel diagram for 99 ford explorer xlt?

1) Need to know where the fuses are to activate the electric seats and what amps are they cause they aren't working anymore.2)Also, seems like the fuses that locks and unlocks the doors are blown up and don't know where to locate them.

Trailer tow tail lights on a 2002 not working fuse seems fine but all fuses are mixed up in panel?

Ford has a separate fuse and panel for the trailer lights. In 2002? they incorporated these fuses in with the main fuse panel I believe. Prior to 2002 these fuses were in the power distribution box under the hood. I would start looking for a 7.5 amp or 10 amp mini-fuse.