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white smoke indicates a blown head gasket. Is your car using one quart of oil a week?

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1999 Eclipse occasional black smoke when idling?

It needs a ring job. Which is something done with specialty tools so a mechanic is the best bet to have this fixed.

Why does your car smoke when idling?

Blue smoke = excessive motor oil. Black smoke = excessive fuel. White smoke = engine coolant

What will happen if you put an extra quart of oil in Mitsubishi eclipse?

Bad very very bad.... engine will get too much oil and overheat and go boom... lots of smoke...

What is causing sierra diesel to smoke when idling?

a dirty air filter or a dirty fuel filter will cause a diesel to smoke

What causes grey smoke from your exhaust when idling?

Black smoke means you're burning fuel, blue smoke, you're burning oil, white smoke, you're burning coolant.

What happens if you smoke during eclipse?

Squirells will come and take you away

What does it mean when a car blows grey smoke after idling?

What gray smoke means: Gray smoke is caused by brake fluid. It generally means that your brake master cylinder is bad, and is getting sucked through the vacuum brake hose.

What causes white smoke in Mercedes 230 1979 after idling for a while is it PCV valve if pcv where is it located Thanks?

White smoke is steam It may be a early indication that the head gasket is failing.

Is it bad to inhale a cigar?

It is bad to inhale any tobacco smoke, especially cigar smoke.

Does smoke affect children?

...smoke affects everyone, but children especially, as they are still growing and developing.

Can you get sick from tobacco?

Sure you can especially if you smoke intensely.

Symptoms of a bad fuel injector?

A miss, black smoke and a strong gas smell. Also, bad acceleration, rough idling, and stalling.

Can a dentist tell if you smoke?

Yes, especially if you smoke regularly, you will have nicotine stains on your teeth and your breath will smell.

What makes a car blow blue smoke only when car is idling but when accelate it goes away?

high miles, try going to auto zone and getting some stop smoke, it's an oil aditive

Where can you buy total eclipse rely detox drink?

You can buy it at GNC or sometimes a smoke shop.

What are three reasons people smoke?

They smoke because of peer pressure, especially those who start smoking as teenagers. They smoke because they like the taste of the tobacco. They smoke because it relaxes them.

Ford F250 turbo diesel with blue smoke coming from exhaust while idling?

blue smoke is normally related to fuel problem. there is so many things that could cause this that it is best to have it checked by a technician that you trust.

If you can't breathe is it smart to light up a cigarette?

no, inhaling smoke, especially cigarette smoke will only make it worse.

What damage does smoking do to your family?

it can kill them by breathing it in it is called Secondhand smoke. secondhand smoke can contain carbon monoxide and cionide. it is especially bad to smoke if you have family members who have asthma or are allergic to cigarette smoke or secondhand smoke.

Your 92 Volvo 940 turbo smokes when idling it is blue thick smoke?

Could be valve guides and seals clean crankcase breather .poss. backpresure

Does jls smoke?

No, none of them do.Also, it is especially bad for singers lungs.

When a 1994 Mitsubishi Eclipse is low on coolant overheating blue smoke how do you get the air out of the system?

Since you have smoke comming out of the engine, you peobably have ruined the engine. Take it to a mechanic for diagnoises.

What are the symptoms of a faulty erg valve?

Black smoke from the exhaust and rough idling are two of the more common problems. The egr valve can be removed and cleaned on most vehicles

You have white smoke out exhaust pipe runs badly when I start it and continues while idling?

check your oil. if you have to put oil in it allot its your piston rings or valve seals

What are the signs of a faulty turbo?

A faulty turbo is indicated by pure black smoke when engine revs are above idling revs and it can also be shown by poor machine performance.

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