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1999 Chevy Monte Carlo coolant leak 3100 engine near intake manifold can anyone help?


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2006-01-03 16:01:45
2006-01-03 16:01:45

I just had my intake gasket changed on my 99 Monte Carlo for the same thing. My cousin is a mechanic and has changed the same gasket on several cars with the 3.1 engine. The gasket is about $60 - $75 plus labor.


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It can if it is leaking coolant into engine or out side of engine.

Need to check the 4 corners on the intake manifold. It is common for the intake to leak engine coolant.

It is on the intake manifold near the thermostat.

Don't generally see an intake manifold go bad, it is usually the intake manifold gaskets that go bad in which case you may see engine coolant leaking out in the corners or worse case leaking into the engine and mixing with the oil.

It is on the intake manifold near the thermostat housing.

Next to the water neck on the front of the intake manifold.

It is the sealing part that seals the intake manifold to the cylinder heads and to the top of the engine block. The intake manifold is the part that distributes the air to the cylinders. It also can house the thermostat, the injectors, the throttle plate. An intake gasket could leak coolant, engine oil, or engine vaccuum.

The intake manifold is where the air and fuel mix and enter the engine. The exhaust manifold is where unspent gas and air exit the engine. In other words the intake manifold is where the engine breathes in and the exhaust manifold is how the engine exhales out.

The coolant drain plug on a Nissan Micra engine block is on the upper part of the block. It is under the intake manifold.

There is a heater hose that goes to the left rear top side of the intake manifold and that fitting leaks engine coolant sometimes and it will run down the back of the intake around the distributor. If that fitting is not leaking then the intake manifold gasket is leaking coolant in the corners of it. REplace the intake gasket. That's all that can leak coolant on that year engine. If coolant is leaking out between the transmission and engine block then you have a freeze plug leaking in the back of the engine, between the transmission and block. Must remove the transmission and flywheel to fix it.

It is located on the front of the engine, under the intake manifold.It is located on the front of the engine, under the intake manifold.

It is located on the intake manifold near the thermostat housing.

It is located in the intake manifold near the thermostat housing.

The engine coolant temperature sensor and coolant temperature gauge sender are located on the passenger's side of the engine, under the intake manifold.

Depending on what engine you have, Intake manifold; vacuum leaks, coolant leaks internal and/or external, oil leaks. Exhaust manifold; exhaust leaks, backfires.

The coolant temperature sensor on a 2001 Jeep Cherokee is located in the intake manifold. It monitors the flow and temperature of coolant through the engine.

A manifold leak is usually in reference to a failure of the intake manifold gasket. It can leak air, oil or coolant. It can leak to the outside of the engine or internally into the engine. A manifold leak may also refer to the Exhaust manifold that is leaking exhaust fumes from a bad gasket or a crack in the manifold.

engine speed, engine load, coolant temp, throttle posision and intake manifold pressure

The intake manifold on a 1990 Acura Integra connects to the head of the engine. Loosen all of the nuts from the manifold to the head, disconnect the throttle body, vacuum lines, fuel injectors and coolant lines then pull the manifold from the head.

The intake manifold attaches to the heads of the engine and send an air and fuel mixture to the combustion chamber through the intake valves. The intake manifold is usually situated on the top of the motor.

The coolant temperature sensor in a 1998 Cadillac Seville STS is in the engine compartment. It is located on the intake manifold.

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