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Check Coli, an wires attached to coli, coli my not be getting enough juice

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โˆ™ 2008-01-06 19:33:16
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Q: 1999 Chevy Silverado check enigine light code read Cylinder 7 misfire already replaced obvious?
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Is a timing belt part of the drivetrain?

The timing belt turns the camshaft that operates the valves in the cylinder head. So its related to the enigine rather then drivetrain

1997 Ford F-150 5.4L Where is the number 2 cyl location on enigine block?

passenger side of engine , 2nd cylinder from the front of the engine

What did James hargeaves do?

invented the steam enigine boobees

94 civic enigine bogs down randomly and puts out huge amounts of white smoke Idle is fine on start up then mins later its jumping up and down. I had it worked on 3 times already and cant find problem?

Do a compression test. I think you might discover a crack in the cylinder head or blown head gasket. Hope not, but that's what it sounds like,

How do you bypass the heatercore on a 1997 sunfire gt?

connect a piece of heater hose from the thermostate housing (where one of the hoses connected to from the heater core already is) to the connector for the coolant at the bottom of the enigine (where the second line should be connected).

How do you change a Chevy 350 flywheel?

remove the enigine and then take out flywheel bolts

What does it mean when the engine temperature light comes on?

The enigine is running too hot...

How many horsepowers are in 179 cc enigine?

Around 4/5 hp.

Does a roller coaster have an enigine?

No, they travel with gravity after their travel up a lift hill or after a launch.

Engine is running hot in my 1998 Chevy cavalier?

Did u check your enigine cooling fan?

How do you remove a 4160E trans out of a 98 camaro?

Unbolt the transmission from enigine and remove support mounts.

Can you get a picture of the enigine for a 1989 Ford probe GT 2.2 Turbo?

Yes, are you still needing one?

What is the date of when steam engines made?

1912 the steam enigine was made, by Bob Jr. Spivey II.

What is a aluminum enigine?

It is an engine made out of aluminum. BMW, as well as other car makers, use aluminium engines in their vehicles.

Which bike is fastest?

MTT streetfighter super bike, 227+mph stock. 420hp jet turbine enigine. $175K

What are the torque wrench settings for a Hyundai h100 d4bb enigine?

head torque is 120 NM or 92 ft/lb

How do you reset the Check Enigine Light code with a jumper wire on a 1996 Mercury Villager?

You don't. Unhook the battery for a minute. That will reset it.

Will a Mazda b2000 enigine fit in a 1990 Mazda b2200 body?

Yes, this is as easy a swap as you'll ever do. It's the same engine almost; same cylinder head, same carburetor, same starter, the B2200 uses an F2 which is a slightly modified FE which is what you will find in the last few years B2000, I think 84-87.

Using Cheat Enigine 5.3 on RuneScape?

you can no longer use cheat engine on runescape, besides it only used to allow you to do certain emotes.

How do you get to the oil sending unit on a 2000 dodge ram 5.2l enigine?

Take off the air cleaner and reach over the top of the engine.

What viscosity does jeep recommend for 4 cylinder engine?

10w-30w is fine. If your in hotter area's go a little higher colder go lower. 15w-30w is fine too. If its an older enigine get lucus oil and mix 15-20% in with your oil. or if you in a hot area. You can find it at all auto parts store's or truck stops.

Where is the fuel filter located on a 89 Ford Probe?

drivers side enigine compartment by the strut tower between the air intake hose and firewall

Is there an electric enigine powered Tahoe?

There is a Hybrid Tahoe. It's got a gasoline engine and an electric motor. As far as a Tahoe that doesn't have a gas

Will you end up blowing your Chevy 350 enigine if it keeps backfiring?

Probably. Backfiring is a symptom of a lean condition. Wouldn't want to leave it like that.

Does the Bell housing on the 2F enigine have to be connected to the engine while it is being put back in or can it be on the car connected to the transmission to ensure proper alignment?

connected to trans

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