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Bottom left of the Driver's side - little box above the Fuel Pump Cut Off Switch.

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What would cause wipers and blower not to work on a 1994 ford escort?

Well, both the wipers and the blower could have a burned out fuse. Of course, they both could have a burned out motor. I would run a hot wire from the battery to the wipers and the blower motor. If they worked, I'd be looking for a fuse or bad switch.

Other than a fuse why would the heater blower on a 1999 Ford Escort suddenly stop?

your motor could have burnt up, or your relay could be bad, or you could have possibly have a wiring fault

I think I found the blower relay on my 97 escort behind the drivers side kickpanel I have power at the relay or fuse but I have no power at the blower switch what could be defective?

If there is current going through the wire to the blower switch, try bypassing the switch with a jumper wire. If the blower motor works, then replace the switch. If the blower motor does not come on, then you probably need to replace the blower motor.

How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 1999 Ford Escort SE?

How do you replace a 1999 Ford Escort headlight - could use a picture.

Why did your heater fan stop working in your 1996 Ford Escort LX?

It could be a blown 30 amp blower fuse, it could be a bad resistor pack, it could be a bad fan motor or it could be a faulty relay.

What could cause the blower motor to stop working on a 1995 Plymouth Neon?

can be the heater blower motor resistor located in either the ductwork or under hood near blower motor on firewall

Sierra heater fan does not work on high?

could possibly be the blower motor resistor. which is generally located on the passenger side under the dashboard by the blower motor.

The Air Conditioning and heater fuses keep on blowing whenever you turn on the fan air conditioning heating and windshield defrost in your 1997 neon sedan what could be causing this?

The blower motor fuse has blown or the blower motor itself has blown. Change the fuse or replace the blower motor itself and you should be good.

1993 escort blower switch does not operate on high It works on all others what could be wrong?

91-96 Escorts are famous for the connector going into the blower resistor to melt.... mine throws an occasional spark... it is located under the passenger side of the dashboard and has 4 blue wires, each one thicker gauge than the last, for speeds 1,2,3,4 thin to thick

2002 jeep liberty - ac not kicking on it's NOT the compressor Any idea what sensor or relay it could be?

Could be the connector of your fan blower(vacuum) which is located beneath the glove compartment box. Or may be the blower is bad.

92 integra blows heat but very little when you go to increase nothing happens how do you get behind the switch?

there are resistors located by blower motor. could be open. they control blower speed.

2003 Toyota Echo Ac stoped blowing air where is blower located?

If the AC stopped blowing air on your 2003 Toyota Echo, the blower fuse could be to blame. If the fuse is fine, it might be the blower resistor that needs to be replaced.

Why would the blower not come on?

heater fan blower motor is burn up not working need to replace it could also be a heater relay typically located on the fuse panel that needs replacing could also be the switch on the switch panel

Does a 2003 Chevy Silverado have 2 blower motor relays and if so where are they located?

On 03 silverados i belive the blower motor relay is internal to the blower motor resistor. i could be wrong though, check the underhood fuse/relay panel for one.

Where is the fuse for the heater ac blower located 2001 dodge Dakota?

I have changed resistor a d blower motor still not working, maybe i missed a fuse or could the control switch not work?

2001 cvhevy impala ac fan motor not working?

You could have a bad blower motor or there is a resistor inside the blower motor housing which is located under the glove box on passenger side of car (where your feet would go) That could be your problem.

What would keep blower controls from working on 1997 grand prix?

The blower motor itself could be seized or the wire connection to the motor may be loose. The blower motor is located on the passenger side under the the dash. You will have to remove the cover just above the passengers feet to locate the blower motor. Hope this helps.

What 2003 cavalier blower noise?

If the noise is a squeaking sound, it could be coming from the bearings in the blower fan. It could also be coming from a worn bushing or bearing in the blower motor.

What part of speech does escort play in this sentence Sean asked Stacy if he could escort her to the prom?

The word escort is a verb in this sentence.

What could be wrong if the AC blower on a 1995 Ford Windstar will not blow air?

fuse, wiring, blower motor, blower motor switch, blower motor resistor

How do you make an airconditioner blow in 1996 Jeep Cherokee?

If the blower doesn't work on A/C, vent or heat, it could be a few things: 1. Blower switch - $22 at AutoZone 2. Blower resistor - located on the passenger side under glove compartment 3. Loose wire to or from blower 4. Bad blower. 1 and 2 are the easiest to remedy, while 4 would be the most difficult.

Why does the blower fan in a 86 El Camino not work?

check your fuse, check the wiring to the blower or the blower motor itself could be shot.

Ford fan speed stuck on high?

The blower resister could be bad, or the blower switch could be failing. Check the resister first, it is commonly mounted at the rear of the blower housing under the hood.

How do you change the heater blower motor on a 1995 GMC?

The heater blower motor will most likely be located under the dash by the heater core assmebly, but first you need to be sure that that's the problem, it could just be wiring to the blower motor. Shouldnt be too hard to replace, and should be simple to find,

The dashboard blower quit working in my 96 ford contour?

Could be, Blown fuse, Bad blower motor, Bad blower motor speed resistor, Bad blower switch,