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1999 Ford F-250 super duty front hub and rotor removal?

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2009-06-15 20:09:04

First remove the wheel. Assuming its a 4by4. Remove the brake

caliper and the rotor should slide off if not you can hit it with a

hammer and using a piece of wood to not damage the rotor. Next

remove the abs connector can be removed from the body and a 8mm

bolt that attaches to the knuckle you don't need to remove it from

the hub it's self. Using pliers remove the hub locker and u will

need a larger then normal snap ring pliers to remove the snap ring.

Their will be 3 washers behind it the order is round hex round. Now

turn the wheel full lock to the right or left and you will see 4

nuts that attach the hub to the knuckle. Remove all 4 and using a

hammer tap the hub off. It may take some conviencing. Be sure to

reinstall the spacer that can get stuck to the hub when removed.

The notches in the spacer face inward towards the axle. Hope this

helps if you have any mechanical ability this job isn't that

difficult. Good luck. Powerstroke57

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