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Answer 1To be honest my friend had the same problem and it was the floor mat Answer 2, Additional InputThe floor mat in answer 1 is possible, but there are other possibilities.

If I understand the question, the accelerator pedal feels like it is "stuck" when first applying pressure, then once it has "let go," or "breaks loose," it operates freely through the rest of its travel arc.

You also say "it was not the cables." I don't know how you know that, but assuming the cables are not binding, another possible cause is a misalignment where the cable from the accelerator pedal "goes into," and attaches to the carburetor or throttle body.

Also, the binding could be in the pivot for the accelerator pedal itself. This could be the result of a "burr" or misalignment of the shaft to the pivot bracket.

These are the possibilities I can think of, but there are probably a few others someone else can think of.

Answer 3- If the cable is not kinked or damaged the cause of the problem is excess carbon buildup in the throttle bore or intake,underneath the throttle plate. When the pedal is depressed,the cable actuates the throttle plate,and sticks on the built up carbon layer in the throttle bore which restricts free movemment of the plate. Remove throttle body from top of engine and clean this buildup from under the throttle plate and reinstall. This will restore normal operation of throttle plate.

The sticky pedal on my 2000 Safari was caused by the throttle plate wearing into the throttle body housing found this after I changed the cable I sanded the burr off the throttle plate lubed the cross shaft and return spring and it never stuck again.

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What is the brake pedal reserve distance?

It is the distance between floorboard and pedal top, when the brake pedal is fully depressed (after applying brakes).

Why would an icon on the dashboard comes on when the brake pedal on a 1997 Toyota Camry is depressed?

A dashboard light appearing when brake pedal is depressed usually means brake fluid is low.

How do you set up a guitar pedal i have a guitar amp and one cable?

You need two guitar cables. One from the guitar to the pedal and then another from the pedal to the amp.

How do you fix the brake lights on a 2000 Ford Contour that stay on while the car is off?

check the brake pedal, there is a switch on the back of the pedal that depressed when the brake is depressed that turns the lights on, when this is loose it keeps the lights on.

Sentence with the word harassed in?

the harassed driver depressed the clutch pedal and the gears meshed

Car would not start until gas pedal is depressed?

If the vehicle is equipped with a fuel injection system, it may be clogged. When a vehicle has fuel injection, the gas pedal does not need to be depressed to get it started. It sounds like the vehicle needs to be taken to a mechanic.

Why wont your 87' trooper start When key is in on position it beeps but nothing else when cranked?

Is your clutch pedal depressed? If it is, check switch on clutch pedal.

How do you fix a 92 Thunderbird that starts and runs weakly then dies when the gas pedal is depressed?

By A Chevy

Where is the brake light switch located on a 1995 GMC Safari Van?

Above the brake pedal.

How do you get a 4runner out of park?

Shifter is blocked by a device attached to the brake pedal. If the brake pedal is not depressed it wont allow you to change out of park. There should also be a bypass button next to the shifter, in case the cable to the pedal breaks.

Why does the brake lights constantly stay on for a Nissan Pulsar lx?

It is because the brake light switch under the brake pedal is faulty. usually replacing this will solve the problem. it is designed in such a way that when the brake pedal is depressed the switch completes a circuit and the lights come on. the fault occurs when the switch closes the circuit even though the pedal is not depressed. hope this helps.

What is an ICV?

An icv is an idle control valve. It controls the idle of the car (without the accelerator pedal depressed).

89 troopers clutch mastercylinder was leaking replaced it shortly after your truck acted like the clutch was not depressed can you start the truck with out the pedal or what else is wrong with it?

Try adjusting your pedal

Why would the brake pedal itself squeak when depressed and released in a 2003 Grand Am?

The brake pedal has a hinge or pivot pin, give it a shot of lubricant,should stop squeaking.

Where is the backup light switch on a 2002 Chevy pickup truck?

It should be at the top of your brake pedal it will look like a little push button switch the releases when the pedal is depressed

Why don't the brake lights come on when the brake pedal is depressed on my 1997 Camry?

Check rear bulbs, rear brake bulb fuse, and check the swith on the brake pedal.

What is the relearn procedure for a 2005 ford E350?

Let it idle for over one minute in Park without a/c on. Let it idle for over one minute in Drive with brake pedal depressed. Let it idle for over one minute in Drive with brakes pedal depressed and a/c on.

1999 Isuzu trooper Transmisssion wont go into gear?

The brake pedal has to be fully depressed for the stick to engage.

Why does my 1993 Mazda mx3 idle rough when the brake pedal is depressed?

ckeck for vac. leak at brake booster

I have an 03 Chevy S-10 The parking brake will work if you hold the pedal down but the pedal won't stay What is wrong Simple fix?

There is a good chance the spring that locks the pedal down is out of place. It may have popped out because of to much slack in the cables. You need to remove the parking brake pedal mechanism and reset the spring. After doing that reinstall the assembly and adjust parking brakes and cables to take up slack.

Why makes a 1983 Chevy S10 Blazer 2.8 V6 stall when the accelerator pedal is depressed?

Your 1983 Chevy S10 Blazer might stall when the accelerator pedal is depressed because of a clogged or dirty fuel filter. Gas that is mixed with water or condensation from the tank can also cause this issue.

The origin of the idiom pedal to the metal?

It's a reference to driving, esp cars from the '50s. The throttle is wide open when the (gas) pedal is fully depressed. With really old cars the floorboards are metal so with the "pedal to the metal" your accelerating as much as possible.

My 1998 s-10 2.2 stick shift will not start?

The clutch pedal must be fully depressed ... could be the switch that senses travel for that pedal needs to be replaced or re-aligned.

Where is the button that when one pushes on the brake pedal the tail lights come on on a 94 Honda Accord Where is the harness attached to said button?

follow the brake pedal under the dash , on top of the pedal will be a 2 wire switch that opens when the pedal is depressed. yes its wired in the harness The top of the brake pedal has a hard-rubber covering on it. Is this switch under this cover?

Where is the tps pedal position sensor located on a 1999 dodge dakoda 3.9?

It is on the throttle body, opposite of the cables.

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