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1999 Malibu wont turn over?

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have the ignition cylinder checked. if its worn out the theftlock system may not recognize the key and disable the starter. do-it-yourself: pop the hood and unplug every sensor you can access. wait 5 mins plug them back in (this will reset the theftlock system) and (quickly) try to start the car. if it starts, drive it to a mechanic

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Why wont my 1998 Chevy Malibu key turn once in the ignition?


2001 Chevy Malibu turns over but wont start and when you try turning it on for 10 minutes the theft light doesn't blink and it doesn't turn off?

mine does that too

Why wont the Fuel gauge indicate a full tank on your 1999 Malibu?

sending unit in tank could be bad!!

Ignition key wont turn on in 2000 cavalier?

turn key over turn key over

2006 malibu wont go over 40mph?

If your 2006 Malibu will not go over 40 mph it may be stuck in "limp home mode." You will need to have the car checked out by a mechanic.

The car has power but will not start you can pop the clutch and it will start but when you turn the key it wont?

Does it turn over? Does it turn over?

98 Chevy Malibu the ignition wont turn off all the way is there a cheap way of fixing it?

No i have a 2002 malibu that had the same problem when i checked it was the park lock switch that was causing it

How can you tell if the fuel pump on a 1999 Chev Malibu doesn't work?

you wont get fuel to engine,might just be fuse or relay.

Your mondeo wont turn over could it be the immobilizer?


My car will turn over but it wont stay runing.?


Will a 1999 Malibu upper intake fit a 2000 Malibu?

The '99 has more bolts. If you have the lower intake also, you can swap the whole thing. The upper alone wont fit. Intake issues are very common for these cars.

What could be the problem if your car wont turn over?

Umm I don't think you want your car to turn over. Ever.

I have a 1999 ford mustang cobra and i stopped at a stop sign and i accdently stalled and wont turn over but it cranks help?

If your 1999 Ford Mustang cranks but won't turnover you may have a problem with the starter, the solenoid, or the alternator.

Your 2005 classic Malibu well turn over but wont connect to start?

Start with the basics. Is it getting fuel and spark? If no fuel then check the fuel pump and filter. For no spark check the cap, rotor, coil, and coil wire.

How do you know when a engine is lockup on a Malibu?

when it wont start

The engine turn over but wont start what could be the problem?

I do not have a answer for it, do you an answer for this problem?

Car wont start wont even turn over the lights are on so its not the battery?

try testing the starter

2002 Malibu motor turns but wont start?

dont no

Why wont your cavalier turn over with good batteryplugs and fuel?

bad ground

Why wont car turn over after I replaced the battery?

Something else is broken.

Why wont 1986 Ford Tempo turn over?

If you jack one side of the car up high enough,it will turn over,it will have to turn over when the tilt is past the critical point. Hope this helps!

I have a 1999 Chrysler 300m and it act as if it wants to turn over but wont what can it be?

The connections on the battery in the wheel well . You may not have it all the way in park position.Battery, starter, solenoid. Check those out.

You have a 87 camaro the other day it backfired real loud smoke came out and now it wants to start but wont turn over?

hmm how do you figure it wants to start, if it wont turn over? next try checking the coil

Why wont my Saturn turn over no noise at all battery tested good new starter placed and still wont turn over?

Have you tried placing the car in park and or nuetral? possible neutral safety switch failure.

Car with charged battery won't start won't turn over?

why after replaced the head gasket car wont turn over??jetta 2000 2.2l