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1999 windstar passenger window won't go up or down all fuses ok All door window switches seem ok?

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December 18, 2007 11:06PM

Use a circuit tester to test the switches. You can test both switches from the right side door. Gently pry the plate holding the switch up and out of the door with a flat blade or screwdriver. There are several wires coming out of the switch. Five large gauge wires control the motor. The center wire is hot. Two of the other wires come from the left hand switch and the remaining two go to the motor. Find a good ground. (I used one from the door lock switch). Test each of the five wires. One wire is hot when pressing the UP button on either right or left door (Check both sides). One wire will show hot when pressing DOWN button on either door. These are the wires that go to the motor. If you have power here you will have to trace those wires to the motor.

Remove the door panel: Two screws inset in door handle. One screw under plastic cover on top front of door panel. Two screws on bottom of door panel. Remove cover around door latch handle. Pull the panel straight up.

For me: power was going to the motor. When i tapped on motor it started working!! Probably temporary fix.

Now to find out how to remove motor!!