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1 mg Ativan equals how many mg xanax?

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1 mg of Ativan equals roughly 0.5 mg of xanax, which is the more potent of the 2 benzos

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How many mg of Ativan to get high?

Somewhere around 1-3mg's. Ativan comes in .5,1,and 2mg tablets. Ativan is a benzo very similar to klonopin,xanax,and valium.

What is stronger Ativan or Xanax?

Xanax (alprazolam) is more potent than Ativan (lorazepam). Typically 0.5 mg of Xanax is equal to 1 mg of Ativan. However this does vary from person to person. Xanax also works faster and lasts a shorter period than Ativan. So it is logical to say that Xanax is more "powerful" because of its potency and rapid action.

.05 mg Xanax equals a 1mg Xanax?

no it is not an equal dosage

How many is a lot of Xanax?

Depends on the MG of the Xanax.

What is safe to take with Adderall xr for occasional anxiety?

Ativan, Xanax, Klonopin ~ all the benzos. I take 60 XR Adderall per day and about 3 Ativan 2 mg.

How many 10 mg xanax does it take to equal a 2 mg xanax bar?

This question is nonsensical. 10 mg is greater than 2 mg.

How many mg is a green xanax bar?

2 Mg all bars are 2 Mg the color represents the intensity of the xanax effects.

How many mg of xanax 25 to equal 5 mg?

Twenty Xanax .25 mg would be equal to 5 mg. Xanax is used to treat anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. It is only available with a prescription from your doctor.

How many 25 mg xanax should you take to get high?

A 25 mg xanax doesn't exist. They come in .25, .5, 1,2, and 3 mg. 25 mg,s of xanax would put you 6 feet under!

Show you a 3 mg Xanax?

show me a 3 mg xanax

What does 2.5 mg xanax look like?

There is no 2.5 mg xanax.

How many mg is yellow xanax?

0.5 mg. (They can also be peach in color)

How many 0.25 mg xanax will equal a 1 mg xanax?

4!!!!! can u not do math? a 5 yr old would've known that

Can you take Ativan 0.5mg with Acetaminophen 650 mg?

can you take 2 tylenol 3 and a ativan 0.5 mg

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