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The PCV valve may be stuck open which will allow too much air into the intake. try replacing the PCV valve its only about $5. it is located on the top of the drivers side valve cover and is conected to the air intake by a hose.

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How much would it cost to repair a Toyota distributor problem?

I just had a mechanic replace my distributor, coil, and rotor on a 94 camry. it cost 454 in parts. plus my labor was another 100

Could it be the distributor cap problem in a 2004 Chevy truck.?

I don't know what your specific problem is, but there is no distributor cap.

What if my Car shuts off by itself?

I had a 1994 mercury villager I was having the same problem it shutting down when the engine got warm. The distributor was the problem . After I changed it I never had another problem with it shutting down anymore. Good luck

Can a mechanic tell why your battery died?

Yes, and decent mechanic can find the problem.

You changed the battery on your 1990 Honda accord and now it will crank but not start?

I am having the same problem. Therefore, I took it to a mechanic who said it is probably the oxygen sensor.

Why does a Nissan CA20 engine's distributor rotor repeatedly burn through?

The distributor bearing failing on Nissan's is a common problem and may be related to your problem. Check to see if there is any play in the distributor shaft.

1989 Mazda 323 that will not start There is no spark from coil have changed coil changed pick up modulator in distributor and still no spark any ideas?

Hmm. You have done everything that is correct. I take it, your battery is able to crank the engine strongly. Assuming your distributor is electronic, I think you have the same problem I had earlier. I had to change the entire distributor to eliminate the problem. I was able to get a Used one which was cheaper. Prior to that, I checked the distributor cap and I found a small minute crack on it. The takeup points of distribution was also corroded, maybe due to water or moisture. This could have contributed to the lack of spark. Anyway, the used distributor came complete with cap and wires and my problem was solved. Hope my answer helps in some way for you to check yours.

What problem can occur if you have a problem with your distributor cap?

the car will most likely not start

On a non starting but cranking 1995 Mitsubishi mirage how would you determine if the distributor or ecm is at fault coilignition modulecam sensor is built into the distributor. no spark at all?

this is a common problem on these cars.....the distributor is likely the problem.

How to you check for a car sputtering problem?

You go to a mechanic!

How can you solve engine jerk problem?

bring it to a mechanic

What needs to be done if the check light some on?

usually it will come on when the oil needs to be changed or when something on your car is malfunctioning. take the car to a mechanic who has a diagnostics computer to find out the cause of your problem

How do you know if your fuel pressure regulator for your 1997 Mercury Villager is faulty?

it's probably not, check your distributor, i had similar problems, changed regulator, fuel pump, car still would stall or hard start. it turned out to be my distributor. i will repeat, this is a problem with the villager, they go bad quick.

Why won't a 1988 Bronco 302 spark after the coil distro cap rotor and ignition control module were changed?

OP here- Got it looked at and the entire distributor went out. Problem solved.

Your Honda accord is jumping when changing gears mechanic said that ignition coil was the problem. and that was already changed 3 times in 1 week. what is the problem Check Engine is still On..?

if the problem was not fixed the second time it is recommended that you take your car to an authorized Honda repair shop

How do you fix hydraulics?

First what is the problem with them...and two bring them to a mechanic.

Can you tell me why my 1999 Honda Civic EX won't start it cranks but doesnt start changed the fuel pump distributor?

Try changing your ignition coil....they're a common problem with hondas.

What does it mean if the distributor was replaced on a 1997 Chevy s10 and there is still a code?

It could be that the distributor was not the problem. Need to know what the code is and what engine you have.

Cam Crank Sensors in a 1999 Dodge?

I have a 98 Jeep Wrangler that kept generating a timing problem codes, after changing the crank sensor and timing module in the top of the distributor, I took it in and they changed out the distributor and stopped the check engine light from coming on. The CPU timing specifications are so tight that a little wear in the distributor shaft starts throwing codes out. It ran fine just kept throwing codes, a rebuilt distributor fixed it.

1994 Pathfinder V6 recently started stalling when idling when warmed up what could be causing this?

Something else to check - this happened to me so I consulted with local authorized Nissan mechanic. Change the worn distributor cap. Simple as that and it fixed this problem for me.

1999 Dodge Dakota problem with the engine sticking when accelerating have changed sparkplugs wires distributor cap and speed sensor dont know what else it could be?

you mean ticking, right? Had the same problem with my 97 with the 3.9. It was an exhaust leak between exhaust manifold & head. New gaskets fixed the problem.

1990 Mazda 626 will start and run for a few seconds then die now that the weather is warm it will not start at all if you have checked the fuel pump and injectors what else can it be?

Could be a bad ignitor, those were notorious for overheating and cracking in years up to 1994. The ignitor is the trigger circuit inside the distributor, by the way. I replaced distributor and problem was fixed I had the same problem on a 1991 626. It also was a bad igniter that I believe is built into the distributor. The mechanic said to replace the dstributor, I did, and it's still running fine. (4years later) Bill Smith

Can you drive your car after it overheats?

Unless you have had the problem corrected by a certified mechanic, or have been told its okay to drive by a mechanic, then I would not recommend it.

How do you fix an erratic idle problem with a 1991 Honda Civic?

I have a 1991 Honda Accord. I ran a bottle of "slick 50" fuel system cleaner through my car with a tank of gas. It helped the miss some. Then I changed the spark plugs. If this does not help with your civic, change the wires. It could also be that you need a new distributor cap and rotor button. If these suggestions do not help, go to a good mechanic for a tune-up.

93 Honda Del Sol si automatic intermittent starting problems?

I'm having the same problem and it seems related to moisture. I just changed the spark plug wires and the spark plugs and distributor cap are fine. Rotor looks good too. My mechanic friend just told me there is a delay with the fuel line. Turn over the ignition and wait for the click of the fuel line opening. He suggests the fuel filter needs to be changed and if that doesn't work, then possibly the fuel pump, etc.