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for about 1800

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Are Taurus great singers?


How much should i get for my wii that's used?

It depends on the condition but if its still in great condition it should go for around $60-$100

What is love match for Virgo?

Its fellow earth signs: Capricorn and Taurus. But mostly Taurus. >>> I am a Virgo and Taurus men are great only as friends in my situation, I don't trst Taurus men.

Sagittarius and Taurus as a couple?

they go great togother ! me & my boyfriend have been dating two years, her is a Taurus & I'm the sag. we get alone great always have a goodtime.

Will only 144000 be saved?

No, the 144,000 'virgins', will be super-witnessesduring the Great Tribulation. However, there's more than one translation 'recogized'.

What is the best month to see Taurus the constellation?

December, January & February are all great months to see Taurus, the Bull.

What is a sentence for condition?

I was in great condition

Are Pisces male attracted to Taurus women?

They can be attracted to Taurus women. They're a great match, and seem to communicate pretty well.

Was the tombs found in great condition?

no the tomb was not in great condition because it was old and slobery.

Would a Taurus and a Aquarius make a good couple?

It depends on how much the Taurus and the Aquarius love each other. Their star signs do not matter. I am a Libra and love a Taurus. We would be a great couple. He agrees!

When should I purchase from used rv sales?

You should purchase when the RV is in good condition and for a low price. This will give you a great bargain and a good product!

What condition is the Great Pyramid of Giza in now?

in good condition

How do you love a Taurus man?

You have to be a good natured person to love such a great-natured man.

Is there a Diagram of 2001 ford Taurus SE engine?

There are diagrams of a ford 2001 Ford Taurus SE engine. The diagrams are great for mechanics who need to do repair work on the engines.

What is the age and value of a Winchester Model 1897 12 gauge pump shotgun SN 473475 in very good condition?

To a very large degree of the iteam it depends on the condition it is in. If its in great condition it could be a couple hundred of dollars and it could be a great collectable iteam if its in great condition

What is the price on a new 2003 ktm 250sx?

Well a 2009 goes for around $6,500. A 2003 should be around $1,500-$2,500. The $1,500 being in fair condition & $2,500 being in great condition.

How much is a Budweiser electric guitar worth?

At least 500. in ok condition and 950. in great condition it has 3 pick ups and great sound on top of looking great

What is the price for a Taurus model 606?

on average a blued steel 606 in excellent condition runs around 3 bills, a stainless 606 is about 50 dollars more , I just bought one for 400 that was new in the box. They are great little big guns...

What is the condition of the Great Wall of China?

The Tower Is in a nice stable condition and will never break!!

What is the value of 1941 lefever nitro special side by side double barrel double trigger 16 gauge shotgun in very good condition?

It all depends on the condition of the gun, I own a 1941 as well given to me by my great grandfather in fair condition and that as it sits is running at between 900-1100$ so being yours is in good condition should fetch a great deal more in value aspects.

How much does a 1961 Corvette cost?

The cost of a 1961 Corvette would largely depend on the car's condition. However, one should expect to pay around $57,000 USD for a car in great to excellent condition.

What sign does a Taurus woman match with?

Virgo, Capricorn, and Leo(under different circumstances it can be a great relationship).

Who named Taurus constellation?

Taurus is a Latin word meaning bull it is one of the oldest constellations. Taurus came to symbolize the bull in the mythologies of ancient Babylon, Egypt and Greece. Taurus marked the location of the sun during the spring equinox. If you want to know about who named the Taurus constellations theres no such thing because the Taurus is a constellation that had been told stories about millions of years ago and never had made up a name so a man named zues the god had to give a name to the bull so that's when they named him Taurus the great bull of the n winter skies

What is a restored 1953 split window bug worth?

if in great condition about 7,000 if in mint condition about 4,000 if poor condition about 1,500

What tools are needed to remove the passenger door on a 1996 Ford Taurus?

Phillips head screwdriver and/or 5/16ths nut driverPutty knifeGreat help in the "Related Question" belowYep, that should do it...