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stater or silanoid

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Q: 2000 Honda accord when you went to start it this morning it makes a clicking noise coming from the hood the lights flicker and eventually come on but the car dont start and that clicking noise is the?
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Why does my Honda accord interior lamps flicker?

Loose bulb or loose connection.

Why do lights flicker on 1992 Honda Accord?

Start by checking the grounds. There's a loose connection in there somewhere.

Why will your 1989 Honda accord lxi start in the morning but not in the afternoon?

check your main relay and connections

What time of day will frost accord?

early in morning and late at night mostly when the tempetre has dropped.

Why does your gauges flicker and lose power while driving on your Honda accord?

Could be the multiplex unit. There was a recall for this item so you should check with the dealer. Also could be a short or loose connection.

Your 1994 Honda accord ex will start but shuts off immediately afterwards After it eventually starts and you put it into gear your dashboard light will flicker As you are driving it it will shut off?

Since the dashboard lights are flickering, it sounds like a possible wiring problem. Check all of the main wires from the battery to start with, then check the fuse box for any loose wiring.

Why do you hear a clicking noise when you turn the wheel on your 1993 Mazda Protege?

I had this issue with a Honda accord, the sound may be your CV joints and not the wheel itself.

Can you show me all the questions asked about a 1998 Honda Accord LX?

Use the Search feature here at WikiAnswers to find all pertinant questions/answers about 1998 Honda Accord LXs by clicking on SEARCH at the top of the page. Enter the search terms "1998 Honda Accord LX" and look through the results given.

Why would a 1999 Honda Accord make clicking and clunking noise when you let off the gas pedal while driving?

Maybe bad CV joints?

What causes a clicking sound under the right side of a '97 Honda Accord after the motor has been shut off?

It is probably just your exaust manifld cooling.

What is A 1988 Honda Accord worth?

Depends on many things. Above all it depends on the condition of the vehicle and the miles on the vehicle. You can find out the value by clicking the link I will post.

If you hear a clicking sound when turning left or right in a 1990 Honda accord dx is that an indication that you need new axeles?

YES. replace only the one that is cliking.

Why wont my 2004 Honda Accord 2.2L start?

Well first check and see if the lights will turn on. If not you probably have a dead battery. If it is making a weird clicking sound it is probably the starter.

What other involuntary muscles exist besides the heart?

If by involuntary you mean acting of its own accord, the organ the lungs act without you controlling them, even when you hold your breath eventually you will breathe of your own accord. The stomach and intestines are involuntary muscles.

Is it normal for radiator fluid to be in intake manifold 98 Honda Accord?

No not at all if you are driving this car stop at once and fix it or you will blow the motor eventually

Antonym of accord?

The word accord is a verb. An antonym for accord is withhold.

Accord 86 squils when started up in the morning?

Check the fan belts, either they are worn or one of the components (altinator, air conditioning, power steering) is loose.

Why does the S light blink and eventually stay on for a 1990 accord dx?

on My Honda The S light lights up when i go from Automatic to Standard or Manual like Transmission.

Use accord in a sentence?

we are in accord with your proposal

If a brake light is out on my 1999 accord would the brake emergency light come on in the morning?

no the bar light on your instrument panel that is located on the trunk of the car diagram would light.

What is the base price of a 2013 Honda Accord?

According to their website, the 2013 Honda Accord has a base price of $21,680. This is the price of the Accord LX, and will vary based on options and if you choose another model (such as the Accord Sport or Accord EX).

Will a 96 accord fuelpump work in a 88 accord?


When Simla Accord was signed?

The Simla Accord was signed in July 1992.

Will h20 kill if you had too much?

Eventually, yes - but you have to work real hard at it. Most people would simply get nauseous and stop of their own accord before it gets dangerous.

Does 2013 accord have timing belt or chain?

The 2013 Honda Accord has a timing chain. This is new for the Honda accord in 2013, previous years Honda Accord had a timing belt.

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