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My 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee was doing the exact same thing. The dealership told me the crank sensor had shorted out and caused all of the problems. They replaced it and I am back in business!!! I agree, mine was giving "NO BUS" error on the odometer and the CPS (Crank Position Sensor) was the culprit. Located on the rear of the top lip of the transmission, above the opening for the flywheel. I replaced mine myself, HUGE, I'd recommend having it done...

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โˆ™ 2008-07-15 14:42:15
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Q: 2000 Jeep Cherokee gas and battery gages not working car does not start?
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2002 Ford Explorer will not start. Engine not turning on and gages not working.?

When you open the hood does the underhood light come on ? If not , it sounds like you have a dead battery or a poor cable connection to the battery

What will cause a jeep grand Cherokee not to start?

check the battery

Why won't my 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee start?

Check the battery.

Why does how to jumper-start a car battery include this image the instructions?

from a dead battery to working battery

1999 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo intermittent no start no power with key out of ignition all gages go crazy disconnect battery for 10 minutes starts and runs fine For a couple of weeks then happens aga?

You have a ground problem,take it to a good auto electric guy.

Why won't my 2008 jeep grand Cherokee start?

Dead battery? Maybe if it makes clicking noise -dead battery

Why will your 1992 Jeep Cherokee not start?

starter, solonoid, ignition, battery. if it clicks when you turn the key then the battery is really dead or its the starter the battery could still be jumped if its the battery.

What is wrong with your 01 Neon when you start the car it does not turn on and all the power and gages turn off but the engin still clicks?

First of all is the lights working in the car? (over head lights or any kind of lights) If your not getting anything at all (no lights) then you should check the battery. If the lights are working then I would check your starter. Most of the time if you take the battery somewhere to get checked they will do it for free. So I would start there. Did you try to get a jump to see if that would start it? Hope this helped some.

1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee doesnt start it clicks?

This is often from a dead battery.

How do you jump start a 1998 Monte Carlo?

You can jumpstart your 1998 Chevrolet Monte Carlo by connecting the battery to a working battery, with jumper cables. Connect the positive post on each battery and the negative posts. The working battery will charge your battery.

Where is the battery on a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Where do U hook up the battery cables on a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee to jump start someone?

The battery is under the front passenger seat. You hook jumper cables to the jump start posts under the hood. You will find a red cable and a grounding stud near it to attach to.

Why will a 1987 Jeep Cherokee not start and only makes clicking sounds?

May need to replace the battery.

Your 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee wont start just clicks?

sounds like a flat battery to me

Why would radio stop working in a 2002 Ford Focus SE Wagon and then start working after loss of power and then with new battery start working?

Your computer reset itself.

Why does not my 92 jeep Cherokee start now that i have replaced speakers in the front doors and stereo?

You pulled something loose somewhere when you where working on the vehicle or ran the battery down with the doors open and dome lights on all day.

When you try to start your 2001 jeep grand Cherokee all it does is click What is wrong?

Sounds like a low battery.

My 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee will not start The battery is OK When I turn the key to start the Jeep nothing hsappens. What would cause this?

its your fuel pump

How many cranking amps do you need on battery for 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Cranking amps determine the amount of power that it takes to start a car in most climates. The amount of cranking amps that a battery for a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee has would entirely depend on the type of battery that the vehicle has.

What would be wrong if a sebring wont start or make any noise but it will start with a jump?

Either a discharged battery or a corroded battery terminal. The battery could be discharged because the alternator isn't working.

Why will a 1996 dodge trk not start with afully charged battery?

Is starter working?

Starter working fine. Why does my vehicle take a long time to start?


What would cause a new battery to keep going dead on a 2003 Dodge Neon?

The battery is only a storage device. The alternator replaces the electrical energy that the battery uses every time you start the engine and every time you turn on an electrical device in the car. If the alternator isn't working or isn't working properly, the battery will eventually discharge. Answer if the alternator is in fact working but you have let the battery run empty, simply getting a jump start might not allow the battery to charge sufficiently once you start driving again. you have to charge the battery up a sufficient amount or the battery will just run out again.

The battery initially failed and after charging and working ignition made clicking noise and car will not start?

battery wont hold a need a new battery

Whats does it mean when you need a jump every time to start your car?

Typically when you need to jump start your car every time in order to start it, there is a problem with the battery. It could be that the alternator is not working and is not charging the battery, or it could be that the battery is not holding a charge.

Why do all dashboard gages fuel battery oil pressure speedometer max out momentarily when you start the engine?

It is doing a guage check. Most big trucks and diesels do it. Not seen it in a gasoline engine though.