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I have never heard of this one! The SRS system does a self check everytime you start the car and every few minutes thereafter it rechecks most of the componants.If I had to guess it has something to do with wiring and not a componant.Resistance in an elecctrical circuit will increase and decrease with temperature so as youre engine warms it could change the resistance in the circuit and cause the light.(especially if a wire is damaged or misplaced) That is just a guess though and you should really have the dealer read out the fault memory in the srs system.

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When was Disco Not Disco created?

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never don't replace it. should last the life of the engine.

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Full form of DISCO DISCO place where disc operates

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Disco Starr™ cult personality blends disco, deep house, tech house, and other genres of music through image and style. In broadening the definition of "disco" in every sense of the word "Disco Starr" is now synonymous with "disco."

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disco tower

How do you ask a girl out to a valentine disco?


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where did disco music start from and were did it come from

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panic at the disco

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A disco costume makes somebody look like they are ready to boogie down on the disco dance floor. Disco costumes are made to make somebody look like they are from the disco era.

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