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Do you have to discharge the ac when replacing AC clutch?

no, unless u have to remove the compressor unit. The clutch can be replaced with out removing the compressor if you have room to do it.

The ac compresser well not engage when ac switch is on?

Most Likely refrigerant charge is low -- compressor will not engage unless system has proper pressure

Your ac clutch on your compressor on your 1996 Isuzu hombre 2.2 will not engage unless you jump it straight from the battery There is a green and black wire that plugs into the compressor p?

you are bypassing the refrigerant lo pressure cut out switch when you wire the clutch need to determine if there is any refrigerant in the system.if the fuses are good and there is refrigerant in it, i would say that the problem is with either the pressure switch, or the A C controls on your dash.

Does the air conditioning system have to be full of freon for the compressor to engage?

Yes, with both freon and oil for it to operate correctly and engage unless someone has bypassed the pressure switches or relays..........

Izuzu Rodeo Starter Problem.No solenoid click.Battery ok.Starter relay swapped.Starter will spin when jumped to battery but does not engage without solenoid action.Might be ignition or neutral switch?

It is a neutral switch.Starters on newer Isuzu will have a safety-switch installed, even for manual transmissions. The switch, inside the transmission or clutch, will disable the starter circuit until the vehicle is in the proper "mode" to engage the starter.For automatics, this means the starter won't engage unless the transmission is in Park or Neutral.For manuals, (stick-shifts) this means you must engage the clutch while turning the key. Until you engage the clutch, it will seem like the starter is dead.You can have a look at the related link for some trouble shooting pointers.The safety-switch(called a Mode switch for AT) is on the side of the transmission and the clutch switch is on a bracket in front of the clutch pedal. It is activated (switches on) once the clutch pedal is depressed.

What does a particle accelerator do to atoms?

Nothing unless the atoms form a target. A PARTICLE accelerator accelerates PARTICLES not atoms.

How do you change clutch oil on a Mazda sting?

unless your Mazda has a wet clutch , as motorcycles do, you don't have clutch oil

How do you bypass the air conditioner on a Ford Taurus Mercury Sable?

as in disabling it? remove the plug on the compressor on the engine and the clutch will not activate so it will not produce the cold air. When you want it back simply plug the plug back in. Bypass probably means to route the belt without attaching it to the A/C compressor. I have the same problem, as the compressor is frozen, rendering the car unusable unless I can skip the compressor in the belt assembly.

When recharging your 95 Buick century from emptyhow do you get the compressor to cycle because you can't find the low pressure switch to jump to make work?

First off let me say that I cannot advise doing this in the first place. That said: With a pressurized canister of refrigerant connected to the low side service port, you won't need to jump the pressure switch unless the switch is broken. Pressure in the canister will be high enough to close the pressure switch and allow the compressor clutch to engage.

What is a clutch safety switch?

It prevents engine cranking unless the clutch pedal is pressed.

How do you remove air conditioner clutch from a 1999 volkswagen beetle with a 2.0 liter?

Unless you have special tools to remove the clutch you don't. Buy the complete assembly either rebuilt or used from a car parts recycler. I assume from your question the compressor seal is leaking, if so go the above route.

91 escort pony the clutch and ignition suddenly are not working Any ideas Thanks?

There is a switch on the clutch that won't let the car start unless the clutch pedal is fully depressed. You can turn the key but the starter won't engage. Something stuck under the clutch pedal (matt, etc...) will do it or if someone kicked the switch or possibly the switch has died. You could use a jumper wire to bypass the switch if you had to or just replace the switch.

What happens when you put a clutch in backwards?

You cannot physically put a clutch disk in backwards unless you force it together. If you do this you will destroy the clutch disc and possibly other clutch components.

Is it dangerous when clutch slips?

It depends on your definition of "dangerous. There is inherent danger two ways. If the clutch does not engage enough to move the vehicle out of the way of a dangerous situation (impending collusion) and the situation develops, you could be injured or killed. Most likely the clutch will get worse and worse until the vehicle can not be driven (unless you coast down hill or have someone push you). As the clutch disk wears beyond a certain point the pressure plate and flywheel sustain damage also. A new clutch release bearing should be installed when the clutch is repaired.

What would stop freon from flowing into the low pressure port during a needed recharge-the clutch is engaged on the compressor and the max air is on-gauge shows low pressure but freon won't flow?

If the clutch is engaged & turning, there should be no problem getting freon into the system, unless the orifice tube is plugged.

Why wil the Engine not start unless clutch petal is fully depressed?

Vehicle is equipped with a clutch safety switch

How can you diagnose a small refrigerator compressor?

You probably will need to put a valve on that compressor unless it has a port already. Then you hook up your guages and check the pressure. Do you know if the compressor is running or not?

The constitution denies the state the power to do what?

Engage in war unless invaded.

Does a 89 Honda civic needs oil for the clutch?

it dont need oil unless your taking the whole clutch out and replace it. fluid

How do you do a hill start in car?

Unless you are talking about a manual transmission, you do the same when you start it normally but you can also use the hand brake the same as the pedal brake. If you using a manual transmission you have to release the clutch just enough to hold the car in place when you take your foot off the brake pedal. This keeps the car from rolling backwards. Then you release the clutch while pressing on the accelerator. It takes practice.

What would cause your 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora to not run unless your foot is on the Accelerator?

Throttle position sensor

What are the disadvantages of a centrifugal clutch?

Unless you are using it for something you shouldn't use a centrifugal clutch for, there are no disadvantages. But a clutch of that type can create a lot of waste heat through slipping while it is engaged.

Do you have to get a new clutch when installing new transmission in mustang?

not unless the transmission already comes with a clutch for high performance hugh horsepower builds it would be better to upgrade the clutch anyway

Where does the clutch fluied go on a 74 vw bug?

Unless someone has done a custom hydraulic clutch setup on this vehicle- there is no clutch fluid. It is a cable clutch linkage on a stock vehicle. If it has been customized there will be a easily identifiable reservoir connected to the clutch pedal or connected to the clutch master cylinder by a hose.

Do you reset computer in trailblazer after fixing compressor?

you shouldn't need to unless it set a check engine light for some reason. if it was just a compressor change for, say, the compressor locked up then no. hope this helps.