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If the sliding door attempts to power close but won't hitch, there could be a problem with the hitch mechanism on the back of the sliding door. Look for a greased metal "hook" at the back of the door while the door is opened. It should be in an opened position (ready to catch the rear hitch). If not, you can flip it into the opened position with a screwdriver (and apply a silicon grease). Another problem may be the lower track cover to the door itself. If this rubber strip comes undone or curls under, the door "senses" the resistance and won't completely close.

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The factors affecting sliding friction include the "roughness" of the surfaces in contact. That includes both of the object being slid and the surface on which it is sliding. The mass of the object being slid is also a factor. To some extent, any changes in either contact surface as the sliding motion occurs will affect sliding friction. There is generally a coefficient of friction that takes all of these factors into account, both in the static range and in the kinetic range of friction.

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Factor I - fibrinogenFactor II - prothrombinFactor III - tissue thromboplastin (tissue factor)Factor IV - ionized calcium ( Ca++ )Factor V - labile factor or proaccelerinFactor VI - unassigned (found to be part of another factor)Factor VII - stable factor or proconvertinFactor VIII - antihemophilic factorFactor IX - plasma thromboplastin component, Christmas factorFactor X - Stuart-Prower factorFactor XI - plasma thromboplastin antecedentFactor XII - Hageman factorFactor XIII - fibrin-stabilizing factor

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What are the 13 blood clotting factors that control clot? Factor I = Fibrinogen Factor II = Prothrombin Factor III = Tissue factor Factor IV = Calcium Factor V = Labile factor Factor VI - Does not exist as it was named initially but later on discovered not to play a part in blood coagulation. Factor VII = Stable factor Factor VIII = Antihemophilic factor A Factor IX = Antihemophilic factor B or Christmas factor (named after the first patient in whom the factor deficiency was documented) Factor X = Stuart Prower factor Factor XI = Antihemophilic factor C Factor XII = Hageman factor Factor XIII = Fibrin stabilising factor

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