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there might be a code, if there is don't try random numbers because if its like some of the Chevy radios it will completely lock you out from using it after only a few trys. look in the owners manual for any codes written down maybe on the pages about the radio. if you cant find one try going to your local car audio shop and ask them to check it out.if its not a code maybe something blew a fuse or smething when you charged the battery.

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Security light on car wont start 1994 Camero 3.4?

I'm taking a wild guess that you had the battery replaced, or unhooked the battery. Simple fix for this though if it is just the security going off from the battery being unhooked. Take the key, original key that is programmed to the car, close the driver door, then lock and unlock the door a total of 3 times. after the third time, get in, close the door, and start it up. if it doesn't work you may have to contact your local dealer for more advise.

What should you do your battery keeps losing its charge over night and you have checked all the fuses?

Fully charge your battery then take off cables. If still charged after sitting unhooked overnight, then you have a short somewhere and need to take to an electrician. If the battery is dead after sitting unhooked, buy a new battery.

What happens when you connect the car positive and negative battery terminals together Will this reset car computers?

If you connect the terminals together with them unhooked from the battery and the engine off, yes that is also called a capacitive discharge.If you connect the terminals together with them unhooked from the battery and the engine off, yes that is also called a capacitive discharge.

When you put a thermostat in a 1999 Chrysler 300 does the negative cable need to be unhooked from the battery to reset the computer?

No, but it should be unhooked for safety reasons while doing the repair.

92 integra wont start clicked once unhooked battery and did it again?

check the starter

How do you re set the computer after disconnecting the battery cables on a 1998 Chrysler Town and Country van?

The computers reset themselves when the battery is unhooked.

Where is the battery for a Plymouth breeze 1998?

The battery is inside the left front fender, in front of the tire on a 1998 Plymouth Breeze.

How do you reset the check engine light on a 1998 Chevy lumina after it has been serviced?

i unhooked the battery...(both terminals)

Put in a new battery on 2004 alero now the service engine light want go off?

Had issue when I changed alternator, and unhooked battery. Had to take to inspection center and have codes cleared. Tech says when battery is unhooked, codes will be saved until cleared with device. Maybe just bull, but it has been 2 weeks, and no engine light.

How do you reset computer on a 1989 Mercury Cougar?

Disconnect the vehicles battery. Leave it unhooked for several hours. Reconnect the battery. This should reset the 1989 cougars computer.

How do you reconnect the battery of Mitsubishi L200 without blowing the airbags?

tery must be unhooked for at least 20 minutes to allow air bag time to discharge then reconnect new battery

What kind of battery does a 1967 Plymouth Fury take?

This (not the '57 in the photo above) was my first car. The 1967 Plymouth Fury III with the Mopar 318 requires a 800-810 CCA battery.

Where is the ecm located on a 1992 Plymouth duster?

It is behind the battery.

How do you change the battery on a 1999 Plymouth breeze?

You have to remove the drive side tire and the wheel cover to get to the battery.

When negative battery cable is disconnected vehicle turns off?

On a computer controlled car, the computer needs the battery to for voltage regulation. With the battery unhooked, it may shut off. That is not an indication of an actual problem. The proper way to check the alternator is with a voltmeter.

Battery location Plymouth breeze?

The battery on a Plymouth Breeze is on the driver's side of the engine compartment. It is almost all the way back to the firewall between the motor and the driver's side fender wall.

What will happens if you Disconnect the battery on 2001 ford focus?

The computer (brain) should reset itself to factory defaults. Leave it unhooked for an hour or two.

Why does my car sputter after I changed the oxygen sensors?

The computer could have become confused. disconnect the battery from the vehicle. Leave it unhooked for several hours. Reconnect the battery. This should reset the computer, and hopefully solve the problem.

Where is the battery on a 1999 Plymouth Breeze can you show a picture?

The battery is located under the driver side wheel well.

What does it mean when a dash light that looks like a battery appears on your 1998 Plymouth breeze?

Alternator is not charging the battery

What happens when you chnage a battery in an 2003 Aztek and you have full power but nothing happens?

Did it run before you swapped batteries or did you guess it was a bad battery. Did you have the old battery tested? If it ran before you swapped batteries then i would say you left something unhooked or the battery terminals are cruddy and need cleaned

Does a 2000 Plymouth Neon take a 6 or 12 volt battery?

A Plmouth Neon uses a 12 volt battery.

Where is the battery on a 1998 Plymouth Breeze?

The battery is under the front fender of a breeze have to take driver side tire off and inside fender out ,then you will see the battery.

Where is the fuse box under the hood of a 1997 Plymouth voyager?

The under hood fuse box is next to the battery on a 1997 Plymouth Voyager.

Where is the cooling fan relay located on a 97 Plymouth neon?

underneath battery

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