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2000 Sable transmission quit without warning only park no other function?


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2011-09-12 07:49:53
2011-09-12 07:49:53

In all FORD transmissions in FORD TAURUS, MURCURY SABLE, and LINCOLN models from around 1997 to around 2004, the transmissions were "shredding" the gears, so the transmissions basicly were no good. That's what happend to you, It will cost around $1500-$3000, depending on where you take it to be replaced or repaired.


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The O/D OFF warning light in the bottom left of your tachometer on your 1999 Mercury Sable means that the ( OVERDRIVE IS OFF ) * that's the " top gear " of your automatic transmission

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On a 2001 Mercury Sable : That's your " CHECK TRANSAXLE " ( transmission ) warning light The warning light is located in the bottom of the tachometer on the left side . If the light stays on take the vehicle in for servicing

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On a 1999 Mercury Sable : The transaxle ( transmission ) is located in the engine compartment , bolted to the engine

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According to the 2000 Mercury Sable Owner Guide : That is your check trans-axle ( transmission ) warning light that is located in the bottom / left area of your tachometer ( a problem has been detected , shifting may be restricted ) ( if warning lamp remains on , have your vehicle serviced immediately )

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