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I have the same problem, I wonder if it could be one of the relays near the fan? Jim.

There is a rear blower motor relay module. It consists of two paired relays. These relays control rear blower speed based on speed input from the rear electronic module. You could check the operation of these two relays by switching the speed control and holding your finger on the relays. You should feel them change state. Also, check fuse 23 (40 amp) in the fuse box at the left side of the dash. This fuse supplies power to the relay coil circuits. If all of this is in order, then I would suspect the rear electronic module. I just had mine replaced for a different reason and it cost about 300.00. This must be done by Ford as the program from the old module must be downloaded and then uploaded to the new module. Yet another way to get money out of us.

As stated previously there are 2 relays that control the rear blower motor. I had the same problem on my windstar and found that one of the wires to the relay had broken. Repaired the broken wire and it was fixed.

2011-12-18 00:45:16
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If you replaced the thermostat in your 95 3.8L Windstar and it is still overheating what is wrong?

Could be the head gasket. Very common problem with this engine and model year Windstar.

Why doesn't my heat work when settings on high?

I had the same problem and I found it to be the blower motor resister. This is what controls the blower motor settings. You will have to find out where it is on yours.

Theres no first or reverse in ford windstar axod metric transmission even after filter and fluid change?

Customer had a similar problem with a 99 Windstar. Stopped pulling while driving it. Had it towed to me and I replaced the torque convertor. Problem fixed.

Ford Windstar 1999 tail lights stay on all the time?

It sounds as if there is a problem with the rear electronics module in the Ford Windstar. This controls the front and rear lights and it is located in the back in the cubby with the jack.

What controls the idle on a 1999 ford windstar?

The computer does - there is no way to adjust it. If it is improper something is wrong with one of the sensors - that is the most likely problem.

How do get the check engine light to light up when you start the car?

I had the same problem on my 1999 Windstar. It turned out that the light bulb for this indicator was burned out. I simply replaced it and the problem was solved!!

Where is the blower resistor located on this vehicle?

There is an upper footwell panel on the front passenger side of the car. Remove the trim panel. This exposes the blower motor assembly. Find the electrical plug on the unit and unplug it. This will expose the resister screw and by removing the screw, you will be able to remove the resister for the blower. If the resister does not show continuity when tested with an ohm meter the resister needs to be replaced. If the resister shows continuity the problem may be the blower motor relay. Hope this helps on your 1998 Mystique.

Why would all the gauges of the instrument cluster in my 99 Ford Windstar will start bouncing around and even peg at the high end without affecting dash lights I have to disconnect battery to clear?

Just had the same problem with my 03 Windstar, problem went on for about 3months. Finally replaced the alternator and have not had a problem since.

Your 2001 for windstar will not start turns over but does not ingage?

my 2001 ford windstar will turn over and make a clanking noise like metal to metal is hitting? Just replaced the starter and had the battery checked what would be the problem?

Why is my new heater core not putting out heat on a 2000 windstar sel?

There is a common problem with the Windstar: the small motor that controls the temperature blend door fails - leaving you no control over how much/little heat is being delivered to the cabin. See "Related Questions" below for more

What causes a 1995 Ford Windstar LX to go into neutral when you stop and then jerk into gear when you push the accelerator?

Sounds like a possible problem with the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor). I had the same problem on my '94 Olds. Replaced the TPS and no more problems.

My 98 Windstar interval wipers only run on continuous and do not go to park when switched off. Replaced the multifunction switch but no cure. Is it the GEM or park switch in the motor?

I'll answer my own question FYI. I replaced the wiper motor and the problem is fixed.

Rear knocking when fan is on?

The problem is that the rear heat/ac vent that mixes the two to control the climate is broken, I had it replaced at the dealership since it kept knocking when I tried to operate the rear climate controls. The problem is that the rear heat/ac vent that mixes the two to control the climate is broken, I had it replaced at the dealership since it kept knocking when I tried to operate the rear climate controls.

Fan not working on 1 2 3 but is on 4 ford ka?

All BUT high speed runs through a resister panel to control the speeds on its own circuit. High speed is direct on its own circuit. High speed works so that circuit is good.I would check the power to the resisters.I have replaced a few resister panels on various vehicles do to this same problem.

Your Ford Windstar over drive does not work?

The overdrive in the Windstar could have an internal problem, or the control from the overdrive button may not work. Run a check of computer codes to see if a problem shows up.

What causes a 2003 Ford Windstar heater and defrost to put out a very bad smell?

I had this problem on my 99 Ford Windstar and it was because we had a leak in a hose right buy the heater intake and it was sucking in the air from what that leak was putting out. We replaced the hose and the smell went away. Also another key indicator if this is the problem is that eventually your coolant will run out and you will lose heat in the van as the hose that needed replaced carried the coolant from one place to another. I know pretty much nothing about cars so this is just from personal experience

Can you bypass blower resistor in 2000 ford focus?

I'm not a mechanic, but I do believe if you bypass the resister you will only have high speed on the fan. To that end, if the resister is your problem you should already have only high speed on the fan.

My Jeep Grand Cherokee Larado has no spark to the spark plugs is it a computer problem?

I have a 1993 Jeep GC Larado also. Recently I didn't have spark either. I replaced my coil: didn't fix the problem. Then I started to think that it might be as simple as a fuse. There is a fuse panel under the hood where all the ABS controls are, inside is a 20amp fuse that controls the ignition. Mine was blown, once I replaced it, the vehicle started perfectly.

1999 ranger heater fan only runs on high setting how can you diagnose problem?

heater resister is bad

You only have high speed on your heater blower what is wrong 2003 mercury sable?

The most likely problem with the heater blower on your 2003 Sable is the blower resister. The resister can go bad and cause you to only have one speed.

Your 2002 ford windstar makes a strange noise when you turn on heater?

Depend on the type of noise - a clicking or 'thumping' (like an angry rabbit) is likely to be a symptom of a failed temperature blend door actuator motor.This is the #1 problem with Windstar heat/climate controls.The good news is this is a quick and easy repair!See "Related Questions" below for more

Why would a 2006 Ford Taurus blower motor work only intermittently?

After serious trial and error looking for the same problem, it appears there is a design flaw. Water flows under the bottom of the windshield, and is supposed to be routed off to the side. Instead, even with just a little bit of rain, it overflows and drips water onto the blower motor and resister. I've replaced the resister 5 or 6 times now, and have finally made a small piece of rubber to prevent the water from getting on the motor and resister. So far so good...

Where is the thermostat for the heater core in a 2003 windstar?

Tricky question...Guessing here, but I think the question is about the temperature setting controls - a very very common problem with Windstars.Just in case though, other possibly related questions are linked below...

What hormone controls thrombopoiesis?

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1995 Ford Windstar 3 8 engine replaced by Ford at 90000 miles 40000 miles later on new engine blown headgasket What is the problem?

This was a recall item as well as the reason for a class action suit against FoMoCo.