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2000 cadillac deville has cold air on driver side and hot air on passenger side i dont know whats the problem?


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October 19, 2009 2:12AM

I have a 99 deville with the same problem. Two mechanics have told me it is the HVAC vent motor that has gone bad. Basically the motor that controls the vent doors is out. One quote I got was $1100 to repair it. THey have to remove the dash to get to the motor. Hope this helps. replace the heater core! sounds dumb right? but the heater core has the in and out on the same end of the core and the fluid travels in a u shape in the core it looses heat in the first half of core before it travels in the end tank to the other side of core and back out. The air plenum has a divider in it all the way from core to outlets and core heats passenger side first. The core gets partly cloged by the coolant sealant supplement (stop leak) that GM uses in all these engines. result? not enough water flow for the water to stay hot traveling through the whole core.