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It's possible that if you or some other driver have hit a large pothole or other hard bump, you may have knocked the rear end out of alignment.

2006-09-07 17:20:56
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Wearing tires out on the outside what causes this?

Wheels need alignment.

Why are your tires wearing after you changed front struts?

If you changed them yourself it is recommended that you get an alignment done or do the alignment yourself. If a shop or mechanic did the work they should have done the alignment themselves.

Honda civic back tires are wearing on inside of rim?

needs alignment

Why is a front tire is wearing out on outer edge?

It is out of alignment or wheel bearing is loose.

How do you know tires need alignment?

It is in the way you wheel wear. If you go to tyre centre they will be able to tell you if you need an alignment as they can see the way you tyres are wearing.

Do you need a wheel alignment when you by new tires?

Depends on when you had your last alignment and the condition of the tires you removed. It they were wearing perfectly even then you may not need an alignment. If you have not had an alignment in the last 36,000 miles you may very well need one. Judgment call on your part based on the evidence.

Cause of Rear left tire wearing unevenly?

If it's independent rear suspension, it's been knocked out of alignment. Yes, rear suspension can be knocked out of alignment.

What NBA teams will be wearing new uniforms in 2010 season?

Lakers, Magic, Cavaliers, Celtics, Raptors, Trailblazers, and 76ers.

Does a cv joint problem lead to wearing of tires?

The CV joint provides power to the wheels. It has nothing to do with alignment.

Why does my driver's side front wheel squeal?

Because your making right turns going too fast. Your front end may also be out of alignment. If the tires are wearing unevenly take it to a shop for an alignment.

When is a car alignment needed?

Assuming that one is referring to a front wheel alignment, there are a number of signs that can indicate that this process is required. If the car has driven over 100,000 miles since the last alignment, the front tires are wearing unevenly, the front of the car shakes when driving on a smooth surface, or the car is pulling to one side, a front wheel alignment is probably needed.

Why does your VW Golf wander on acceleration?

Wheel alignment is needed. Tires are not pointing as they should and you are just wearing out tires faster and it does not self correct when rounding a corner. You will notice the difference. Go to a wheel alignment shop...who basically only do wheel alignments.

What causes rear tyres to wear on the inside edge?

Poor tire alignment will cause wearing on the inside edges of rear and even front tires.

What is feathered tires?

The tire treads are not wearing properly because the alignment is out and/or front end may have worn part(s). The edges are worn like the tips of a feather.

If you wear a retainer to correct the alignment of your teeth will the shape of your jaw change permanently?

no, if you stop wearing the retainer the teeth will move back, your jaw bone dosent change!

Does Sam's Club do front end alignments?

Sam's Club does not do front end alignments. They do sell tires and if your tires are wearing unevenly, they can tell you if a front end alignment is recommended.

Your kia sorento is a 2006 you had your tires balance rotation They told you i had to have a front end alignment Why should you if the tires are all the same thread?

the reason they probably did this is because they wanted to be sure that the tires would not start wearing unevenly, it's always a good thing to keep your alignment in check. Tires Plus employee

When should the wheels be alligned on my nissan x-trail?

If you are rotating your tires every 5000 to 6000 miles and keeping the recommended air pressure look at your tires to see how they are wearing. If they are wearing even across then there is no reason to align them but if they are wearing uneven then it may be time for a alignment. It is better to do this right after installing a new set of tires if the old tires are badly worn.

How long can a car go without wheel alignment?

As long as it is safe, goes straight and tires are not wearing unevenly. I went over 50k . Avoid hitting curbs and pot holes. C

If tires on a truck are wearing out on the inside tread what would have to be fixed?

Possibilities: Tie rod ends Ball joints Shocks Control arm bushings All the above OR Maybe it just needs an alignment

Why would the front tires be wearing out much faster than the back tires also its an uneven wear mostly on outside of front tires?

You need an alignment to ajust your camber most vehicles wear the inside of the tire on the front and middle of the tire on the rear. Rotating your tire after a proper alignment every 9000 to 12000 mile will inprove your tire life. Four wheel alignment should cost $65 to $100 front wheel 50 to 85.

Steering wheel shakes at low speed?

Check the entire front end. The tie rod ends or ball joints could be wearing. The tires could be worn or out of balance. And the front end could be out of alignment.

What does wearing a red bandana on the left mean?

the color of bandanna's and the position tells your "alignment". A red bandanna (depending on where you are) may mean you are a part of the something something gang or any gang that uses that color and position as a symbol. You may want to be careful because you don't know if they are wearing it for style or they are in some random gang of bad asses.

Why does the 1993 F 250 throw its belt?

check the tensioner pully, it has a mark on it that shows when the belt should be changed from it's length wearing longer. Also check for a broken powersteering bracket causing the belt to be out of alignment with the other pullys.

Why do tires of cars need replacement?

Tires are a wear item just as brakes are. They will wear from friction. Properly inflated they should wear evenly. PSI inflation should be checked regularly. If they are not wearing evenly the vehicle may need an alignment.