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You might want to check to see if that door is under the recall. My rear passenger door was. use the search engine to search for Ford recalls. I got mine fixed for free. there was some kind of deteriatin and corrosion problems with the latch. hope this helps

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โˆ™ 2006-12-31 13:52:11
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Q: 2000 ford focus back passenger door does not open you were wondering how could you beable to open the door and fix the problem can not get to the screw on the panel because they are on the lip of the?
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2000 ford focus back passenger door does not open you were wondering how could you beable to open the door and fix the problem?

to open, use WD40...or a crowbar You will more than likely have to remove the inside door panel to get to the latch mechanism and find the problem of the latch does not work. No crowbar!!!!

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