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It Is Most Likley A Bad Shift Solnoid These Trannys Are Famous For It

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What is wrong if a 2000 Ford Focus ZX3 is hard shifting in every gear and now the amber engine light is on?


How do you connect the battery to the alternator of a 2000 ford focus?

So easy yet so hard starting from scratch.

What causes hard shifting in a 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue?

Most often, low transmission fluid.

How do you replace a rear seat window in a 2000 ford focus?

Take it to an auto body shop. They can switch it out in minutes. Don't buy into rhetoric on how hard a job it is. It ISN'T!

Can hard shifting on a 2000 ford crown Victoria transmission be fixed?

Yes it can. But that means big bucks to repair the trans. Somewhere around $ 1500 to $ 2000. to rebuild it. Depends whats wrong, bands, clutch's, torque converter. Is it only first to 2nd, or is it all the shifts?

Bolt pattern for a Ford Focus 2002?

4x108 a stupid pattern that is hard to find replacements for

What is the problem for a 93' Ford Explorer if you have a hard time shifting into other gears?

with mine the transmission was going out and it could be something as little as a bolt or as big as the transmission itself (my ford has 227000)

Hard shifting with 2000 Pontiac Montana a computer problem?

Could be computer related. But alot of time the shifter Solonide goes on them. Get it checked out for that.

Can a broken engine oil dipstick cause hard shifting?

a broken dip stick wont cause hard shifting... the engine does not do the any shifting... your problem would be the transmission... check transmission....

What is the aluminum sheet under the rear of the 2000 Ford Focus?

Aluminum Sheet on Ford FocusIt is the heat shield for the exhaust. They are a pain in the backside because they come loose and are hard to reach to remove. You need to snip the "loop" over the pipe and just throw it away. It will cost over 150 bucks to replace and it will fall off in a few months. It is a poor design.

Why is your 2000 sierra shifting hard from 1st to 2nd?

Because you pushed the tow/haul button on the gear shifter. Push it again and see if that fixes the problem

What is the cause of a 1989 ford escort being hard to start and cutting out at approx 2000 rpms?

where is the cranking senor on a1989 ford gt escort

Why does the transmission shift hard on a 1996 Ford F-150 4x4 straight 6?

your transmission shifting in some fords are controlled by the computer.,try reprograming the computer.

How to remove a headrest from a 2000 ford crown Victoria?

pull hard, there is no mechanism holding it in, check out

Why does my 2000 Impala shift hard sometimes and not all the time. Might be shifting hard and then stop to go in a store for a minute and then get in car to leave and shifts just fine.?

When shifting problems occur, it is usually due to the transmission. If a transmission fluid and filter change has never been done on the vehicle, this would be the first rememdy.Ê

Why would a 1988 Ford Thunderbird slip out of gear at about 40 mph?

1 A bent shifting fork from shifting hard 2 a worn bearing inside the transmission high miles or ran low of lube 3 a worn gear 4 hopefully an adjustment on the shifter

2003 Ford Focus won't start?

Check your fuel cutoff switch, if you have recently hit a hard bump such as a pothole, or another car.

2005 Ford Focus PCV valve location and removal?

Located behind the intake manifold on the drivers side. Very hard spot to get to.

Why won't radiator cap come off on ford focus zx5 2002?

Push DOWN hard, and turn to the left. They have a security lock.

Why is your Honda Accord is shifting hard?

Vaccuum valves bad

What causes rough idleing for a 2000 ford explore?

check the idle control valve not that hard to replace and inexpensive

Used BMW 523i 2000 OR New Ford Focus 2010?

The BMW is a very nice German car by the Bavarian Motor Works. Focus 2010 is a Mazda, made in Canada and a cheap car for transpo.Check the mileage on the BMW BEFORE you buy. Gas prices are steadily creeping up and with this administration, it's hard to tell when they will stop, if ever.

Where is the fuel filter on a 2001 Ford Focus ZTS and is it hard to change?

It is under the car, on the right rear, up by the gas tank and it's about 2

Your Honda civic hx 98 is shifting hard?

starting problems

Your 3000gt sl drives forward but when down shifting its hard to go in 4th and when you go in reverse it pops out could that be your shifting fork?