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definately sounds like an electrical problem probably the altenator.

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Q: 2000 jeep grand cherokee-what causes popping sound in front dash speakers while odometer flickers and abs and check engine lights come on?
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How do I fix the popping noise in my speakers?

Replace the speakers. Adjust the Fade/Balance and listen to find which speaker is popping. The popping noise is most likely from a broken cone in the speaker

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Why do you have a popping sound in your speakers?

If you have installed new speakers you may have the wires reversed causing reverse polarity.Good way to check polarity touch the speaker wires momentarily to a small battery If the cone pushes OUT good,if the cone pulls in you have reverse polarity-not good <> reverse wires.If they are original speakers the speakers may be defective.

What is it when the radio makes a loud popping sound and only left side speakers work on 2002 Mitsubishi eclipse conv.?

You blew out the right side speaker

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