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Search the Hyundai official tech page ( parts n tech tab under owners tab)Register if need be ...its free Search for whatever....It will come upIf this don't help

Get a OBD scanner that's the best 1st step.OBD is a must have for a out of warranty Hyundai.

IfIf manuals n scanner don't help .Try the fuel pressure regulator with a multi meter ,try to test ignition switch They seem to be weak and bug out when people put lots of keys on em. check every fuse this should always be your 1st step Also all breakers / fuses under the hood. Hope any of this helps. One thing also....If this happened after a mod was done even benine like a stereo or alarm or car starter remote, check that,Ive learned that mysterious problemsare sometimes from 1 bad relay in after market products or Best Buys drunk installer(no offense to the good one)And no offense to youIm sure you do good work, just telling you what I seen and fixed. Try to save you a few headaches...good luck.....


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